• Rocket UniData 8.2.3 now available

    Today the Rocket MultiValue R&D team has made a new version of UniData available, version 8.2.3. This latest release is what we call a maintenance release since it’s a hotfix rollup release with some new features. Specifically, UniData 8.2.3 includes support for Python 3.9.

    Also, we introduced a new and improved upgrade and install script, ‘udtsetup’, with UniData 8.2; please note UniData 8.2.3 will be the final release that supports ‘udtinstall’ and ‘updatesys’. Future releases of UniData will only support the new ‘udtsetup’ script.

    UDT.OPTION Changes

    • – Update to UDT.OPTION 116: Please note this printing option is for 32-bit only and should not be used with 64-bit releases.
    • – NEW: UDT.OPTION 129 U_VF_ALLOW_STALE_READ – this new option allows for virtual field stale (updating the index with a possibly, already obsolete value) reads

    For more details, please read the release notes. To download 8.2.3, place your order in RBC.

    Later in the quarter we’re hosting our next Rocket MV roadmap livestream. To learn what we’re planning for UniData, please join us on Wednesday, May 19th. To save your seat, please fill out the form on our roadmap registration page.