• Rocket D3 10.3.3 Available Now

    As part of our commitment to develop, enhance and support our MultiValue products, the Rocket D3 R&D team has made a new version of D3 available, version 10.3.3. This latest release is what we call a maintenance release since it includes both bug fixes and some new features. Specifically, D3 10.3.3 includes a new service to support additional client connectivity, including UOPY.

    For more details, please read the release notes. To download the installer, go to the Downloads section of the Rocket Community Portal.

    Rocket Software encourages you and all our customers to run the latest versions of our MultiValue Application Platform, so your organization is:

    • keeping up with new features which deliver enhanced security, compliance, and performance
    • maximizing the value of your maintenance contract, which includes free access to the latest releases

    Other D3 News:

    Later in the quarter we’re hosting our next Rocket MV roadmap livestream. To learn what we’re planning for D3, please join us on Wednesday, May 19th. To save your seat, please fill out the form on our roadmap registration page.

    In June, Tim Rude, the head of our D3 R&D team, will be introducing the next release of D3 10.4 and invites you to participate in the D3 10.4 alpha program. Rocket values your input as we continue to develop and enhance D3 to help you address your business challenges. We hope you’ll engage with this alpha program, and with our technical and product management teams. Interested in participating? Sign up here.