We're excited to announce that iCluster 8.3.1 is now available to customers on the Rocket Customer Portal.

    Highlights of this release include:

    Replication enhancements

    • iCluster now supports the replication of SQL objects on IASP, similar to replication for other objects such as native objects and BSF files.


    Sync Check enhancements

    • A new option has been added to only refresh the journal information of objects that are out of sync with the JRN (journaling on target) reason code.


    Status Monitor

    • It is now possible to directly work with objects (WRKOBJ) from the “Work With Object Status” panel.


    Other Changes

    • Dates in the log will be formatted using the system default format.
    • MQSeries version MQ V9R2 is now supported.

    Detailed release notes can be found here.

    Upgrade path:

    You can only upgrade to iCluster release 8.3.1 directly from iCluster 8.3. For releases earlier than 8.3, first upgrade to 8.3 and then to 8.3.1.