• Rocket® Terminal Emulator 10.1.4 (Desktop Edition) and (Web Edition) now available

    The Rocket Software team is pleased to announce that a new version of Rocket® Terminal Emulator (Desktop Edition and Web Edition) is now available.

    The new version 10.1.4 of Rocket® Terminal Emulator provides several new and enhanced features that improve user experience, scripting, customization, and performance including several customer requirements.

    Highlights of this release for Rocket® Terminal Emulator (Desktop Edition):

    Transition from PASSPORT to Rocket® Terminal Emulator

    • All PASSPORT macro types are now supported in Rocket® Terminal Emulator (Desktop Edition). ZMC macros are supported natively, ZAM macros can be imported into Rocket® Terminal Emulator.

    User Experience

    • The directory where the session information is stored can be changed after the installation
    • Hotspots, highlighted areas on the screen that can be activated via mouse or touch, are shown without flickering. Spaces are removed in long hotspot text
    • “mailto:” is supported in Hotspots
    • Terminal Emulator tabs indicate when a long-lasting action has finished
    • English (United Kingdom) and Japanese keyboard types are supported


    • Rocket® Terminal Emulator Basic script supports additional functions

    Highlights of this release for Rocket® Terminal Emulator (Web Edition):


    • A group with authentication settings can be defined as a default group that will be used when the login URL does not contain a group name

    User Experience

    • Type ahead is now supported in 3270, 5250 and VT
    • Single-Sign-On to the Terminal Emulator session is possible – users do not need to log in when they start the session
    • The system keyboard on Apple iOS devices can be used
    • Keyboard on mobile devices can be displayed automatically when the cursor is positioned in an entry field
    • Copy and paste is supported on mobile devices
    • Power pad buttons are aligned to the mobile device UI
    • Swipe up/down is available on Apple iPADs to show or hide the header
    • The host bell sound can be enabled
    • There is a new user guide available in the Rocket Online Documentation: Rocket Terminal Emulator Web Edition User Guide V10.1.4

    Performance Improvements

    • For VT SSH sessions
      • Login time reduced by factor 1,5 to 6,5
      • Added Multi-threading to improve overall performance
    • Reporting improvements up to factor 20


    • Administrators can manage scripts per session setting that are executed when the user connects to the session, for power pad, keyboard, or hotspot
    • End users can import, export, create, edit, record, and play scripts

    Additionally, several issues have been fixed.

    Detailed release notes can be found in the Rocket Online Documentation:

    Ready to upgrade now? If you have a current maintenance agreement for Rocket Terminal Emulator, you can access the Rocket Community to download the respective new releases now.