• Rocket Terminal Emulator v10.1.2 now available

    The latest release of Rocket Terminal Emulator is now available. For this release, the team focused on integrating the new documentation, user reporting, as well as enhancing the security and availability of Rocket Terminal Emulator.

    Rocket Terminal Emulator v10.1.2 highlights includes:

    • Advanced User Documentation: A new documentation tool is now available for both Rocket Terminal Emulator Desktop and Web Editions. Access the latest product information with intuitive search capabilities, personalized search results, etc.
    • Security: Rocket Terminal Emulator (Desktop Edition) now supports data masking. You can protect sensitive data such as date of birth, federal IDs like Social Security number, credit card information, and other personal information. With this update, TLS 1.3 is also available for VT displays.
    • User Reporting: Rocket Terminal Emulator (Web Edition) now offers reporting capabilities. Quickly respond to audit or SLA requests about user and admin activity creating reports based on time, instances on each server, history reports, and more.
    You can find a complete list of enhancements and updated system requirements for Rocket Terminal Emulator v10.1.2 in the release notes.

    Ready to upgrade now? If you have a current maintenance agreement for Rocket Terminal Emulator, you can access the Rocket Community to download the respective new release(s) now.