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  • 1.  Code Editor

    Posted 12 days ago

    for year 2023 there were promised enhancements in Uniface 10 code editor for better developer productivity like autocomplete, block comments, auto indent, ...
    When we can expect them? We don't want to migrate from U9 to U10 without them.

    Jitka Slana

  • 2.  RE: Code Editor

    Posted 4 days ago

    In case the mentioned enhancements are important for your planning to migrate to Uniface 10 then it probably is a good idea to raise this with your account manager and discuss your priorities.

    And it is correct that the lab plans to work on Developer Productivity this year. I do not think that anything has been committed yet and 2023 is still young (so to speak). Also, you might have seen the note in the Rocket Uniface Roadmap:

    "NOTE: Since we are doing 2-week releases, this Roadmap is very susceptible to market / dev req changes"

    It therefore is important that you discuss this matter with your account manager so that he is aware of your priorities.

    I hope this clarifies this matter.

    Daniel Iseli
    Principal Technical Support Engineer
    Uniface Services
    Rocket Software, Switzerland