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OS V7R5 support for Rocket DevOps (Aldon) products...

  • 1.  OS V7R5 support for Rocket DevOps (Aldon) products...

    Posted 12-08-2022 12:50

    Forum compatibility announcement regarding compatibility with IBM i OS V7R5M0


    - Rocket Lifecycle Manager for IBM i v8.6
    - Rocket DevOps for i v10.2 (Nov 30, 2022)
    - Enterprise v10.2 (Jan 12, 2023 with Security Server)

    Rocket LMi v8.6 has been certified compatible with IBM i OS level V7R5 (Oct 13, 2022)!
    In addition, new RDOi (formerly LMi) version 10.2 (Nov 30, 2022) and forthcoming RDOe (formerly LMe) version 10.2 (January 12, 2023) are also fully compatible.

    Please note additional prerequisites (below in table) over those noted in the Release Notes or Installation/Upgrade guide for LMi 8.6.

    Minimum level required for PTF groups for version 7.5 with LMi 8.6:

    PTF Group


    Level(s) tested


    Cumulative package



    Database group


    For V7R5 compatibility for LMi 8.6, data areas and TGTRLS values need to be updated for use in LMi. For instructions, log in to the Rocket Community and access the Knowledgebase article here for details on the required update:

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