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  • 1.  Ready to explore a new UniVerse, introducing Rocket UniVerse 14!

    Posted 18 days ago

    The Rocket® MV team is pleased to announce the release of Rocket UniVerse 14.1.1 on June 26th, 2024.

     Rocket UniVerse 14.1.1 builds upon functionality implemented in version 11.4.1 and 12.2.1, making it the upgrade and modernization path for all customers on all prior versions.

    UniVerse 14 ensures business continuity and helps you manage your replication environment effectively with key HA/DR features.

    • Replication is faster and more flexible with Field-Level Updates, since the entire record is no longer transmitted during updates, only the individual field that was modified is replicated - significantly improving performance!
    • Facilitate Replication recovery with the uv_repadmin skip option which allows you to skip an incomplete transaction that has caused replication to stop processing. By using the skip option, administrators keep Replication processing and avoid log build-up and the eventual reset and refresh of Replication due to a stalled group.
    • Facilitate Replication recovery with the enhanced uvreptool. When Replication has stopped processing due to the current flags word value, the uvreptool now gives you the option to change the current value of the flags word for a replication LSN, so you can attempt to resume processing.
    • Test your upgraded system with ease. You can now test UniVerse 14.1.1 on a subscribing server while maintaining an older version of UniVerse on your production server since UniVerse 14.1.1 allows subscribers to receive logs from older protocol levels. Check out the Replication protocol level topic in the U2 Data Replication User Guide for more information.
    • Stop and restart the uvrepmanager process using a script included with UniVerse 14.1.1 without having to stop and restart UniVerse if uvrepmanager becomes unresponsive.
    • Significantly enhance performance by utilizing the Replication Intelligent Queue Manager. The Intelligent Queue Manager allows a subscribing system to recognize multiple updates in the queue for the same record, providing performance benefits. 
    • The new Field Level Replication BASIC function, FieldWrite, and the enhanced WRITEV function allow you to write multiple attributes in a single command.

    UniVerse 14.1.1 security upgrades and enhancements keep your applications and business safe and compliant.

    Enhanced security features, with OpenSSL v3.0 UniVerse supports a wide array of protocol levels. OpenSSL 3.0 includes a major architectural change from OpenSSL 1.1 for more information, please refer to the Release Notes and Security Features.

    UniVerse 14.1.1 helps you modernize your environment.

    Python 3.11, part of UniVerse 14.1.1, includes the Python OpenSSL extension, meaning it no longer depends on UniVerse's built-in OpenSSL version. Like other third-party libraries, the Python OpenSSL extension relies on the OpenSSL version provided by the operating system.

    Plus, take advantage of Python module and Python path file preservation when you upgrade to UniVerse 14.1.1!

    • UniVerse 14.1.1 automatically preserves Python modules that have been installed into previous versions using pip.
    • If you've modified or added python path files to the python folder these are now automatically copied during a UniVerse 14.1.1 upgrade.

    UniVerse 14.1.1 Architecture Enhancements

    In UniVerse 14.1.1 we are introducing the system recovery framework to ensure the graceful handling of processes in the event they terminate within critical code.

    UniVerse 14.1.1 does not include the two-process mode we introduced in version 12 and will only have RFS OFF mode. In the next release, UniVerse 14.2.1, we will provide two modes for RFS with the option to set it to ON or OFF.

    UniVerse 14.1.1 contains numerous enhancements and bug fixes designed to optimize your MV experience.

    • During installation, you'll notice a default uvconfig file in uvhome allowing you to compare your current parameters with the latest default settings.
    • You can now truncate active UniVerse log files with the trunclog command, which allows you to reduce the size of the current log files by appending the existing information to the log files in the saved_logs directory.
    • We've enhanced the installation process to help you diagnose any license related issues you may encounter during the installation process.

    For information on all the enhancements and bug fixes included in UniVerse 14.1.1, please see the Release Notes.

    Upgrade now to Rocket® UniVerse 14.1.1 Our team is eager to assist you with any questions or support you may need during the upgrade process. If you are currently on maintenance, you can download Rocket UniVerse 14.1.1 on Rocket Business Connect (RBC). If you do not have an active maintenance contract, please contact our sales team to get started!

     Want to learn more? UniVerse 14.1.1 documentation is now available online.

     Rocket MultiValue maintains a standard Product Lifecycle policy. To view the lifecycle for your version of UniVerse and related tools, review the lifecycle dates and statuses on the Product Availability Matrix (PAM).

     For more information on future UniVerse releases and to collaborate with fellow UniVerse users, please visit the Rocket U2 | UniVerse & UniData forum.

    Emma Breslin
    MV Product Manager
    Rocket Software

  • 2.  RE: Ready to explore a new UniVerse, introducing Rocket UniVerse 14!

    Posted 18 days ago


    R14 is a merge of 11.3.5 and 12.2.1.

    So, if we never used r12 can we expect a documentation "From uv r11 to uv r14- Considérations & Differences"?

    To help, installation, config, performance, usage,... 

    By advance I thank you. 

    Manu Fernandes

  • 3.  RE: Ready to explore a new UniVerse, introducing Rocket UniVerse 14!

    Posted 18 days ago
    Yes, that would be very helpful!

  • 4.  RE: Ready to explore a new UniVerse, introducing Rocket UniVerse 14!

    Posted 11 days ago
    Edited by Emma Breslin 11 days ago

    Thank you for your feedback.

    We are working on creating documentation that details the differences when upgrading to UniVere 14.1.1 from prior releases.

    Please review the release notes between your current version and UniVerse 14.1.1 for details of changes between each of the releases.

    UniVerse 14.1.1  includes a default uvconfig file which can be used for comparison with your current uvconfig file to identify any potential differences.

    If you have questions on upgrading to UniVerse 14.1.1 in the interim period please reach out to the support team.

    We will be holding a Customer Enablement webinar for UniVerse 14.1.1 and MVIS 2.1 in early September, further details on this will be made available closer to the event.

    Kind Regards

    Emma Breslin
    MV Product Manager
    Rocket Software

  • 5.  RE: Ready to explore a new