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  • 1.  U2 Rocket ODBC issue

    Posted 19 days ago

    We are setting up a connection on a new server to connect to our Prelude (UNIDATA) database.

    I can test the ODBC connection and get success. When we try to use the connection, we get the error below.

    Error code: 9603
    Details: Error [0000] [Rocket U2] [U2ODBC] [0302809] Unable to allocate sufficient memory!
    Error [0000] {Rocket U2] {u2ODBC] [0400182] Connection not open.
    Activity ID: 47fd30ba-cfa2-4f5b-806c-5f5eb28dc60f.

    ODBC installed on Windows Server 2022

    U2 64-bit ODBC Driver

    when I test the connection to the UNIDATA DB my connection passes. When the connection is used to pull data we get the error.

    Nathan Schultz
    Certified Power Inc
    Fridley MN US

  • 2.  RE: U2 Rocket ODBC issue
    Best Answer

    Posted 18 days ago
    Edited by Mike Rajkowski 17 days ago
    Useful to check if the issue is due to the number of columns or rows.

    Try on a file with a small data subset of a few hundred records (only) and an identical dictionary - Don't forget to set up the schema/Views (usually with VSG).
    • Try using smaller data sets and smaller numbers of columns, a specific column or volume or combination

    The usual gotchas are:

    • Make sure that you use Associations for all associated multi-values
    • Data volume too large for the maximum memory size on the (usually UNIX) server - check the UNIX kernel limitations
    • Check VFIELDSIZE in case it needs to be increased
      • VFIELDSIZE Increases the size for the stack of C routines used to process
        formulas created in virtual fields. Default is 300. Define a larger
        number if users see "virtual field too big" errors in UniQuery
    • Try running the same SQL query at the ECL / SQL prompt - errors can be far more informative.
    Otherwise the UniData server-side (check the trace level) and ODBC client-side logs (once enabled) should give an indication



    John Jenkins
    Thame, Oxfordshire

  • 3.  RE: U2 Rocket ODBC issue

    Posted 17 days ago
    I am able to get the query to work.... Thank you!

    Nathan S
    Fridley MN US