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 PKZIP for z/OS replacement

posted 06-07-2021 10:37
Hi All,

One of our z/OS customer plans to replace PKZIP for z/OS with another product. Can we use zip / Unzip, which is among the free products of Rocket Software, instead of PKZIP for z/OS?

Does anyone have any comments or suggestions about this?

Best Regards.
Hello Bulent,

Since zip tools can be used in very different scenarios, the answer depends very much on how the product is going to be used. For example, Rocket's Zip cannot read/write data sets directly, whereas PKZIP appears to have such a feature. One can circumvent this by copying data sets to USS first, if the overhead of copying data is acceptable. On the other hand, Rocket's Zip fully supports file tagging in USS filesystem, but I'm not sure if PKZIP does.