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 Error running miniconda installation "run" file

posted 06-02-2021 12:11
Hello, all.
I need to install 'bash' and 'make' here on my z/OS 2.4 USS system. I have downloaded the files:
from the Rocker download page.
However when I attempt to run it, I get the following errors:
IBMUSER:/u/ibmuser: >./
./ line 1: syntax error near unexpected token `)'
./ line 1: `���Q�R==�|���ۚ�|��|B��iD��|�D��|GS�D�|�RS�D|�D�CS�H���S�S�H|�BB��CS�H|��|�RDS�|GS�D|=�|��H�|��|�RD|�D��|�S��|QD|�D�C|S�|��SHS���|D�B�CS�H=D����

If it makes any difference, the z/OS 2.4 system here is the ADCD one built and distributed by IBM. It is running on IBM's zPDT emulator.
Many thanks in advance.
Hi Dave,

Can you show the output of the following commands:
ls -T
od -h -N 20
Hi, Tatiana.
Here is the output you requested:
IBMUSER:/u/ibmuser: >ls -T
m IBM-1047    T=off
IBMUSER:/u/ibmuser: >od -h -N 20
0000000000    C0  E9  81  51  53  CD  81  CE  52  3D  3D  C0  7C  DC  CB  CB
0000000020    DB  9A  CE  7C

Many thanks.
Just a bit more details...
I downloaded the files from the Rocket download site, using the Firefox browser to my Linux desktop (openSuSE Tumbleweed). I then uploaded it from here to the z/OS USS via ftp, using binary mode. No EBCDIC <-> ASCII translation was done.
There was a conversion from ASCII to EBCDIC, which usually happens when the file was transferred in text mode.
Now you need either to transfer the file in binary mode again or to convert it back to original state:
iconv -f 1047 -t 819 >
So the first bytes should be "7B 5A 61" instead of "C0  E9  81"
Thank you very much, that fixed it!