D3 and mvBase


posted 02-22-2021 09:40

Hi All,

I am running D3 10.3.1.windows single user on an ASUS X555LAB Lpatop with CPU i5-5200U (2 core, hyperthreading) @ 2.20GHz (peaking 2.60GHz). running Windows 10 Home.


The program I'm running takes 4 hours to run doing full processing to find the end point.

When I swap subroutines to use a file which already has the end point pre-processed and do a simple compare, it's only 20 minutes faster.

It actually took twice as long with the pre-processed compare until I changed the file to be more efficient.


I have changed settings so that it's supposed to be able to use full CPU in all circumstances.

(Advanced Power Options -> Processor Power Management -> Minimum or Maximum Power State = 100% for Battery & Plugged In).


Task Manager no longer allows the changing of program priorities (as you were able to in Windows 7).


My thought is that wither Windows 10 Home or the laptop is throttling D3 because when the program is running, it's using around 35% to 40% CPU.

​CPU usage is about the same whether it's running as a foreground process in a telnet window (local or remote) or a background phantom process.

I did notice that running 2 phantoms of this similar high processing power programs seemed to take very much longer than running the individual programs separately.


Is there a hidden maximum CPU usage limit for any program to use? If so, how / where can it be changed?

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Many thanks in advance.

I can't help you with the CPU usage etc, but I do have a suggestion:

Assuming the processing is file related: Check your files are correctly sized. Having poorly sized files slows D3 to a crawl with heavy file processing. Furthermore, If selecting data from files make sure the files are indexed in the attribute being selected. I don't have any huge files but even files with 400K items can be really slow to process if the above hasn't been done.

Good luck!
Using the Win 10 task manager, under the Details tab, you can change a processes "priority" from the default "normal" higher and lower.

The suggestion about checking the D3 file size makes sense. You can use the D3 File Manager to test different modulo sizes and also how the data hashes in the file.