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 Copy to clipboard - can it be filled with nulls?

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Tom Ambros posted 09-16-2021 15:34
Users ask if there is any property we can set so that the copy to clipboard can trim the blanks from the end of the copied lines if our session is TN3270?  We see the option for VT but not TN3270.  Other products have something like 'fill copied area with <blanks | nulls>' but not seeing that here. 

Copying source lines that are ending with strings of x'00' we see that they get pasted so that they end with strings x'40' in zOS and on Windows text files with x'20'
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ROCKETEER Mark Perillo
In a Rocket Terminal Emulator session, the settings for Copy/Paste can be viewed by Selecting Edit (in the Title Bar), then Clicking on Properties. This action will display the Settings Viewer - Edit Properties window. Click on Edit (in the left pane of the window), this will display the various settings in the right window pane. Clicking on the Copy to Clipboard tab (on the top of the right pane)  will display options that include 'Compress Data on Cut - Cut Filler:. You can select between Nulls and Spaces. This setting may meet some of your requirements.
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Tom Ambros
Hi, we saw the Compress Data on Cut - Cut Filler and it did not have the desired result.
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Hi Tom,

We don't currently include this option for Mainframe Display, but you're right, we should. I will create an enhancement request ticket for our next maintenance release, is the only way we can make it work as required. Please thank your users for us for this valuable feedback!