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 New date and time functions in UV

posted 04-19-2021 11:38

I am using UV 11.3.2 on Linux. I have 2 questions about the new NOW(), TODATE(), TOTIME(), @TZ, etc functionality

I am using BDT 4.4.1
The toolkit does not recognize the new functions/vars for syntax coloring, but shows it as errors. How can I fix this?

It seems I cannot use TODATE() and TOTIME() in i-descriptors.​​ Is this correct? Will support be added?



The inline syntax checker for BDT will need to be fixed, you cannot change this.
You are correct the new functions are not in i-descriptiors and would need to be added.

Internally at Rocket we like to track enhancements requests such as these back to a customer. This allow us to inform the customer when any enhancement request or bug fix has been made and in what release. Is it possible for you to raise a support case so that we can track these requests for you.