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 Question regarding conda file channel?

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Juergen Kehr posted 07-02-2021 10:33
I would like to upgrade our existing curl installation (installed from the pre-conda channel). Our problem now is that I couldn't use our mainframe internet connection for using a public or secure conda channel to transfer the software. So my question is: Is it possible to transfer the zos-z/curl-7.73.0-0.tar.bz2 file from Files ::  and use this as a file channel for conda install - -file ... and do I specify this file directly in this command? 

Thanks in advance for any help.
Kind regards.
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ROCKETEER Vladimir Ein
Hello Juergen,

The command 'conda install --file' is intended for installation of multiple packages where package versions are listed in a text file. You cannot specify the package file itself (i.e. .tar.bz2) in that command.

Technically there are two ways to install packages on a system that does not have a direct connection to conda servers. First, you can set up a local file channel on the mainframe, put the necessary packages into there, and specify that channel either in the .condarc configuration file or in the --channel parameter on 'conda install'. Customers on a support contract get a ready-for-use installer that sets up a local channel for them.

Alternatively, you can download the package file curl-7.73.0-0.tar.bz2 just like you said, transfer it to the mainframe in binary mode, and specify it directly in the 'conda install' command without the word --file:

conda install curl-7.73.0-0.tar.bz2

Please note that it is not a workflow we support, dependencies won't be installed automatically, and some functionality might be missing.