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 unfree buffer in ....

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PARTNER Steve Mayo posted 09-10-2021 14:01
Has anyone received these errors in Unidata before? 

unfree buffer in  merginmem.c at 697

unfree buffer in fl_delrec.c at 1341

These are repeated over an over again during our pre-check process. Ran guide on the main files and they are clean. There are another 36 files opened in the process. Should we run guide on those files?

I isolated it to a call to a common routine used in all of our batch update programs which returns a batch number . If I take it out, the program works, if I add another call a debug routine, it also works. But if I call the debug routine and not the batch number routine, it does not work.


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Nik Kesic Best Answer
Hello Steve,

I found the reference I was talking about here: ->

I searched for unfree,

I would recommend you open a support case with Rocket MV.
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Nik Kesic
Hi Steve

What version of UniData are you on?

I think your question is probably best suited for Rocket MV support as they may have seen this error before.
I did find a similar , but not exact word for word reference in "Rocket U2 UniData Hotfix" - Rocket UniData Hotfix section.
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PARTNER Steve Mayo
Thanks Nik.

I am not sure if this is the manner to respond.

They are on Unidata 8.2.1 hf18 

Where did you find the Rocket U2 Unidata Hotfix? I am not able to find anything like that.