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 Does anyone still use SB+ (not SB/XA)

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Michael Petryk posted 04-22-2022 16:14
We are using SBClient v6.3.3 with UniVerse 11.2

I've hit situations where when trying to update / delete a record using a SB+ screen it just hangs... or hangs and then logs out, without any error messages indicating the issue.  I've checked the /usr/uv/errorlog file for some indication of the issue, but that to leads no where.   Can anyone point me in the right direction to get under issues like this?   A thought I had is to start setting a bunch of debug statements in the routines... but is there another, not so drastic approach?

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PARTNER Manu Fernandes
Hi michaels

If it hangs then logout you probably have a Process in a self loop... When stack is full uv hang out. 

1/ I suggest you start  /TRACE.ON before launch of the screen, then you follow the steps one by one and you can isolate the 'last' before hang out. 

2/ I suggest you generate the basic code of the Input process and all paragraph process involved with /GC then you'll have Basic rutime error.

3/ if you use GUI check sbclient param to Allways show CUI echo.

I hope this help