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Rocket Software Community Content Migration Update

  • 1.  Rocket Software Community Content Migration Update

    Posted 08-05-2020 15:27
    Prior to the launch of this Forum, Rocket Software offered a small community to beta test a small number of products. Over time, that community became a lively discussion area for support of Rocket's efforts with open source languages and tools for IBM z/OS. Many of this Forum's members came from the old community.

    Last week, we started the first of two phases to migrate content from the old community to this Forum, and completed the effort early Tuesday morning. Over 1000 posts and replies were brought into the Forum, primarily in the Open Source Languages and Tools for z/OS discussion area. While many discussions have been credited to their creators and participants, a large number of posts and replies are attributed to an "Archive User". This content was created by members of the old community that haven't yet joined the Forum.

    Phase two of the migration will commence in the first half of September. This phase will migrate content created in the old community after phase one, and will be the last opportunity to map authors to their creations. The community will be closed when phase two kicks off and its URL will redirect to here.

    We want to attribute content to its creator, but cannot do so without the creator being a member of the Forum. Here is how you can help. Mention the Forum to your colleagues and networks, particularly those connections built in the old community. Encourage them to join the Forum and claim their content creations.

    Charles Dane
    Rocket Software