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    Posted 03-05-2021 19:06

    As I work with organizations of all types and sizes, there is one common need: easy, quick access to information. This need is what continues to drive the growth of data and information for businesses around the globe. As the need for information is discussed, typically a second need arises. How do we manage all this data and information effectively? This part of the conversation can involve many facets including security, storage methods and media, data life cycles, regulations, and final disposition.  

    Is there a policy-driven and automated way to provide both needs for enterprise application output? Yes, using Rocket EOS 360.

    This is the first in a series of articles that will cover the concepts and features of the archive function in EOS 360 to promote discussion and understanding of how to use the archiving feature to not only meet these needs and challenges, but also meet your unique requirements.

    Businesses want to manage the access, storage, archival, restoration, and final disposition of their business content in the most efficient way possible. Challenges to this desire include reducing costs of storage media, reducing complexity, and ensuring access to needed data is quick and efficient. Of equal importance is the defensible disposition of data in compliance with company policies and regulations related to records management. The management and disposition of data also fulfills the need for mitigating risks of not being able to produce the data – spoliation or keeping data longer than required also increasing risk exposure.

    Topics in this series will include the following:

    • EOS 360 Archive and Restoration Concepts
    • EOS 360 Archive Hardware, Media, and Technical capabilities
    • EOS 360 Archive/Restore Definitions and Processing Parameters
    • EOS 360 Archive Utilities and Maintenance Cycle

    Which of these topics are you most interested in, need specific information on, or have questions about?

    Craig Hilburn
    Sr. Solutions Engineer
    Rocket Software
    St. Louis Metro MO United States