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EOS 360 Web UI Needs no Client or Java on the desktop

  • 1.  EOS 360 Web UI Needs no Client or Java on the desktop

    Posted 03-05-2021 17:13

    Users enjoy a feature-rich Web UI to access information and reports across the enterprise directly from their desktop using the preferred browser for your organization. Supported browsers include Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. Accessing content in a completely secure environment, the web UI for Rocket EOS 360 helps organizations address the retirement of IE 11, and issues with maintaining specific Java releases on each desktop.  

    EOS Access is the user interface for Rocket EOS 360 Output Management services and repository for the enterprise. The EOS 360 Server handles all access and security while also enabling robust features such as selective printing, content filtering, formatting and transform. Your users have direct access from their desktop using only the browser. 

     Built entirely on the Angular Framework using HTML5, there is no requirement for Java on the user desktop. This means your desktop team no longer needs to worry about pushing Java updates or maintaining different releases for your EOS 360 users.  

     With flexible Web Server options, EOS Access is easy to implement in your current EOS 360 environment. If you are using the EOS Thin Client, we recommend implementing EOS Access to provide your users a modern, intuitive interface. Let me know what questions you have about implementation or user features in EOS Access.  

    Craig Hilburn
    Sr. Solutions Engineer
    Rocket Software
    St. Louis Metro MO United States