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iCluster commands

  • 1.  iCluster commands

    Posted 04-06-2021 08:15
    Sometimes overlooked but if you can't remember a specific command try one of the following.

    • F22=iCluster Cmds -- to give you a section by section breakdown

    • Start typing the command  then add an '*' where you become unsure. For example, I know there's a command to set the metadata owner....DMSET* gives:

    Select Command

    Type options, press Enter.

    Opt Command Library Text
    DMSETAPOBJ ICLUSTER Rocket iCluster internal use only
    DMSETMSTR ICLUSTER iCluster Set Metadata Owner
    DMSETPOS ICLUSTER iCluster Set Journal Position
    DMSETPRIM ICLUSTER iCluster Prepare Primary
    DMSETSVAL ICLUSTER iCluster System Values
    DMSETSYNC ICLUSTER iCluster Set Sync Point
    DMSETTRACE ICLUSTER Configure diagnostic tracing


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    Posted 04-07-2021 06:43

    Thank you SO much!!







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