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Product Announcement: Rocket MultiValue Information Server (MVIS) v1.3.0

  • 1.  Product Announcement: Rocket MultiValue Information Server (MVIS) v1.3.0

    Posted 03-11-2021 14:07
    Edited by Hernando Borda 14 days ago

    We're excited to announce the release of Rocket® MultiValue Integration Server (MVIS) 1.3. In addition to bug fixes, MVIS 1.3 provides new features and an all new pricing/licensing model! If you haven't tried MVIS, this is the release for you.

    • Vanity URLs: Gives you the flexibility to define and configure endpoint URLs for segmenting and managing access to your application and data to meet your business requirements. Check out the two part video by @Anand Mirasdar and @Girija Dhole to learn more.
    • Support of OAuth: Allows your APIs to integrate with third-party authentication providers and authorization servers such as Auth0 and Okta, ensuring a good fit within your enterprise application security configuration. You can learn about security in MVIS and how to use OAuth with it plus a lot of great details in this video series by @Amey Rokde.

    You can find a complete list of enhancements and system requirements for Rocket MVIS 1.3 in the release notes. Watch this video introduction by @Amey Rokde to learn about MVIS.

    A shout out to the MultiValue community members that participated in the 1.3 Early Access program. Thanks for all your contributions to the new release.

    New pricing/licensing
    Like U2 REST, MVIS 1.3 is now free to our customers and partners with an active maintenance agreement. We're also introducing promotional pricing for Connection Pools through December 2021 and a free upgrade program from Rocket® Web DE to MVIS for our customers and partners with an active maintenance agreement. For more information on MVIS pricing and licensing, please contact your Rocket sales rep or Rocket partner.

    If you need help getting started with MVIS, our Customer Solutions Engineering (CSE) team has a new MVIS jump-start services package that includes training and mentoring for MVIS. Learn more (link What's New in MVIS 1.3 page).

    Ready to try MVIS 1.3? If you have a current Support and Maintenance Agreement for Rocket® UniData®, Rocket® UniVerse, or MVIS, it's available now on Rocket Business Connect (RBC). If you don't have an active maintenance agreement, we can help you get current. Simply contact your account representative or partner to discuss your options.​​​​

    Hernando Borda
    Senior Product Manager, MultiValue Tools
    Rocket Software