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How do you use Rocket wIntegrate 6.4.4

  • 1.  How do you use Rocket wIntegrate 6.4.4

    Posted 09-14-2020 17:52

    If you are a current user of Rocket wIntegrate, I'm interested in hearing from you. What version are you on? What do you like or dislike about it? Are there any enhancements, features or improvements you'd like to see that would make wIntegrate an even better MultiValue tool for you?

    In case you are using an older version and missed the announcements earlier in the year, we were proud to announce the release of wIntegrate 6.4.4? To learn more, read the wIntegrate 6.4.4 release announcement to find out how to update to the latest version.

    Already a 6.4.4 user? What feature have you come to appreciate most?


    Hernando Borda
    Rocket Software

  • 2.  RE: How do you use Rocket wIntegrate 6.4.4

    Posted 03-17-2021 18:28
    I have 6.4.3. I use it for terminal connection to D3. I have setup a screen generator, and have doing boxes for the entry fields.
    Entry screen This screen is an example of what I can generate. I have a subroutine that allows me to do arrow keys in the fields. 

    I need to upgrade.

    Mark Laursen
    Complete Computing Inc