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Avanté/SBClient/Unidata/RHEL question

  • 1.  Avanté/SBClient/Unidata/RHEL question

    Posted 01-09-2019 10:33

    I’m looking for a place to find info regarding Avante, which is built on SBclient / SB server (6.5.0), which in turn is built on something called Unidata 8.1 , which is running on a RHEL 7.6 VM that we just recently migrated from an HPUX machine… I really have no idea if this is the appropriate place to be asking questions about this… but I figured I’d throw it out here. :slight_smile:

    We have a user base of ~250-300 simultaneous users daily. Since migrating the stack to the RHEL box, we have noticed that anywhere between 3 to 10 or so users are locked out of their Avanté sessions. They may or may not actively log out; doesn’t seem to be any pattern. We have to ps -el processes every morning, find the orphaned processes, and kill -9 them. They are all running the process called UDT. After that, they can connect in fine.

    Our troubleshooting efforts have us upgrading SBclient this weekend during maintenance; but we’re also looking into upgrading Unidata as well (one dot version up). While researching this, we noticed that our UDT configuration looks mighty … weird? here:

    HP-Unix RedHat-Linux

    LOCKFIFO=1                                                                LOCKFIFO=0
    SHM_MAX_SIZE=2147467264                                       SHM_MAX_SIZE=1073741824
    SHM_GNTBLS=400                                                       SHM_GNTBLS=40
    SHM_LPINENTS=20                                                      SHM_LPINENTS=10
    MAX_REP_SHMSZ=0                                                   MAX_REP_SHMSZ=2147467264
    REP_LOG_PATH=/usr/igi/ud/replog                               REP_LOG_PATH=/usr/udthome/replog

    First off, LOCKFIFO (an obscure word to Google, it seems), in all documentation I could dig up so far indicates it should definitely be set to 1. However, I cannot find any explanation as to what it is or what it means. I have not had a chance to research the other settings yet.

    Lastly, if this is completely irrelevant to what y’all discuss here in these forums, and you have an idea who WOULD know this information, feel free to let me know! Thanks!!

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  • 2.  RE: Avanté/SBClient/Unidata/RHEL question

    Posted 01-11-2019 07:09

    Rocket UniData is the database, Rocket SB and SB/XA are 4GL development/runtime environments. Avante would be an application suite built upon these tools, Avante is also probably the Epicor® Avante product and will have been purchased from a single Application Provider as a bundled solution, that provider will also provide Technical Support on all three elements.

    While information on UniData configuration and usage is available online (see below), please contact the Application Provider for assistance and troubleshooting before attempting any changes. The Application Provider should be able to assist and resolve any issue and will have knowledge on the Application and its usage which is key for tuning and adjustment. The primary contact almost certainly be with the same Company that is providing the SBClient upgrade being planned.

    Online documentation:

    (Hopefully this helps).

  • 3.  RE: Avanté/SBClient/Unidata/RHEL question

    Posted 01-11-2019 10:09

    Hey @TruffleShuffle,

    I looked at the documentation for LOCKFIFO and it didn’t go into any detail aside to say that the value should not be changed.

    The locking sequence of processes in the system. This parameter
    should not be changed.

    The docs show it set to 1 and it is also set to 1 on my Windows box. You may have to contact Epicor support to see what that value should be set to. There’s a email group that people ask questions back and forth in. I don’t know off hand if it’s an Epicor ran list, I’d have to check. But you’ll definitely want to get with Epicor before upgrading SB/Unidata. Avante is built on SB, you wouldn’t want to upgrade to a version they didn’t support, if there is one they don’t support. Better safe…

    The intermittent lockout is strange. It happens with us as well but not that frequent. Are you running out licenses? If you limit each user to only one login and they lose connection to the server when their system sleeps, it could orphan that session. Connecting with SB is just a telnet connection to the Unidata server, but I don’t believe there is any way to reestablish connection to an existing session. You might want to check the Extensible Administration Tool for killing sessions if you haven’t already. A little easier than the terminal as you can search by username.

    As far as the “right” place for asking these questions… For specific Avante questions I’d look into the EUG Epicor Users Group, it costs $360 per year for the organization.

    Otherwise posting here “should” be fine, as Epicor uses a ton of Rocket’s products for their products. I can’t imagine Rocket would have any issue with that. Though I can’t speak for the company of course. If you have any more questions just let me know.