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Version 1.7.2 of the U2 Replication Exception Script and Monitoring Phantoms is now available

  • 1.  Version 1.7.2 of the U2 Replication Exception Script and Monitoring Phantoms is now available

    Posted 19 days ago
    U2 Replication is a very powerful, very configurable but very complex part of both UniData and UniVerse.

    Many customers have historically become very useful in deploying there U2 Applications into environments where the people responsible for those environments have little or no specific U2 Administration knowledge. This has been one of the many positives of deploying U2 over a long period time and we'd like that to continue

    To administer and maintain U2 Replication specific U2 Administration skills and knowledge needs to be acquired. The Replication Exception Script and Monitoring Phantoms are designed to reduce this requirement, the processes and tools that we discuss here are designed to act as proactive notifications of any problems, which may have otherwise gone unnoticed and hence become a large problem later. We also look the use of an exception script when correctly designed can be used to automatically reestablish replication after some things as network interruptions

    The Replication Exception Script and Monitoring Phantoms are documented in detail in the attached pdf. The individual scripts for both UniVerse and UniData on Windows and UNIX are also attached. The scripts and phantoms are distributed with each point release of UniVerse (12.1 onwards)  and UniData (8.2.1 onwards). If you would like the latest version of the scripts,phantoms and documentation inbetween releases they are provided below in the one zip file below or as individual elements.

    Note: On Windows the minimum version of PowerShell required to run the script is 5.0

    The current version history is as follows

    Version History
    1.3.1 First Version 01 March 2014
    1.3.2 Corrects Spelling mistake and Windows Execute to use DOS /c not sh -c 15 April 2014
    1.3.3 Corrects check for UVHOME to be /.uvhome not .uvhome in script 20 May 2015
    1.3.5 Corrects problems around disablement status flags 03 June 2015
    1.4.1 Added performance data gathering forms 01 July 2015
    1.4.2 Small Fix for non ROCKET.BP installs 10 September 2015
    1.4.3 Improvements for Performance Gathering options and new WIndows Exception Program 11 September 2015
    1.4.3 No Change to main programs but Windows Exception Program Changed 23 December 2015
    1.4.4 Correction Phantom Sleep Problem 04 January 2016
    1.4.5 Windows exception script allow sync parameters to change and block rerun on failed sync 15 January 2016
    1.4.6 Publisher one by one sync program added 21 January 2016
    1.4.7 Small Syntax Correction to UV Script around sync failure email subject 22 January 2016
    1.4.7 Change to Windows Script to ignore Pub Groups on a Subscriber (This change may need to be done to Unix Script at some time) 26 January 2016
    1.4.8 Made Change to UniX Scripts to match 1.4.7 Windows  Change on pub groups on a subscriber 27 January 2016
    1.4.8 Made Last Sync Failure Check in Windows Script Configurable 27 January 2016
    1.4.8 Made Change to Windows Exception Program for UniVerse only to use bin directory correctly 25 August 2016
    1.5.0 Added Cross Group Transaction Parameter and Check to Peform a Whole Sync to avoid Replication Stall 20 December 2016
    1.5.1 Removed DISTRIB phrase for CGT recovery as CGT recovery would fail 21 December 2016
    1.5.2 Corrected one line where where output file was wrong, corrected version number and check for blank file 22 December 2016
    1.5.3 Corrected some MCP conversions for UniVerse, Added extra email notification to exception script if the running file was found, Cut down number of calls to reptool and improved checking for garbage returns from reptool 15 May 2017
    1.5.4 Reduced number of times reptool called 25 August 2017
    1.5.4 No program revisions - small change to scripts to move some variables higher in the script 19 September 2017
    1.5.5 Correct Exit 2 problem not deleting running file + check for unexpected return code on pub / sub check 30 November 2017
    1.5.6 Correct a problem to ensure object update report is collected correctly 01 December 2017
    1.5.8 Exception script updated to keep 'n' versions of previous reports, extra showud / showuv 05 April 2018
    1.5.9 Corrected a problem with the sender would show as '-t' when an email was sent 29 May 2018
    1.6.1 Corrected a problem where only DICT was displayed in object report rather than DICT FILENAME 17 August 2018
    1.6.3 First Release of Windows Power Shell Exceptions, Better Error Messages in the Client Software 29 March 2019
    1.6.4 Support for multiple publisher / subscriber environments added. UNIX version can be run outside of an EXCEPTION_ACTION event for easy testing 26th April 2019
    1.6.5 Corrected Build errors leading to a variable unassigned in UniVerse version of GET.REPTOOL.INFO 2nd May 2019
    1.6.6 Corrected problem on UV stats gathering from UO
    1.6.7 Checks added to ensure user has correct permissions to perform requested tasks 8th May 2019
    1.6.8 Correct problem on Windows Powershell not finding UniVerse regisrtry enteries and remove showud 15th May 2019
    1.6.9 Windows - Cd to bin directory to ensure commands work if bin is not in path, Add outside replication message to email subject if running in debug, Get Remote System Name and test with ping 12th June 2019
    1.7.0 Corrected bug where work items not deleted on Unix, Improved UI experience on install, Added Clean Up (see note 1), Added Ping test to scripts before resync call, documenteted the 3 extra programs that weren't detailed before 6th April 2020
    1.7.1 Corrected a problem in the Client attempting to call a subroutine before it was installed. Changes on the server programs to ensure object update reports are gathered correctly in UniData 7.3 and remove one unnecessary call to reptool / uvreptool. 30th April 2020
    1.7.2 The Dynamic file free slots are now captured and available to report on with a new program. Documentation updated. 20th May 2020.
    1.7.2 Added PUB.DISPLAY.LSNS to show delta from publisher to subscriber and added offline_log_enq shell script (UNIX only) to identify what state a replication will start as

    The latest version is also maintained on the knowledge base at  Rocket | Log In to the Rocket Community

    Jonathan Smith
    UniData ATS and Principal Engineer
    Rocket Software


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