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MV Madness: UniData and UniVerse Answers

  • 1.  MV Madness: UniData and UniVerse Answers

    Posted 13 days ago
    Hi all,

    I'm posting the answers to the UniData and UniVerse sections of the quiz here. Note that SurveyMonkey doesn't make it easy to share this so you have to scroll through many pages of information just to see the right answers. A lot of the stats are just plain wrong, so focus in on the table at the bottom of each page/question. The green check mark shows the right answer while the table and chart above show the distribution of responses.

    Thanks again to all who played, and let me know how we can make your future experiences as a forum member even better, whether it be more events like this, specific 'how-to' content, people you want to hear from, etc.


    Dave Andrews
    Head of Customer Engagement
    Rocket Software


    Data_UV_210407.pdf   136 KB 1 version
    Data_UD_210407.pdf   138 KB 1 version