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Winners of the MV Madness Challenge

  • 1.  Winners of the MV Madness Challenge

    Posted 30 days ago
    MV Madness saw MultiValue users from across the globe come together to test their skills and knowledge, but in the end there were just five players who took the championship. Congratulations to @Brian Egan for scoring the most points in the finals, with a score of 40 out of 44 (91%). Four additional players scored 38/44, or 86%. They are @Nic Davidson, @Nik Kesic, @Bob Ruiz and @Henry Unger

    In addition to Rocket Pajama pants won by qualifying for the finals, each winner also receives a $100 gift card. I'll be in touch shortly with winners to arrange for all that, and qualifiers can expect to see their Rocket PJs on their doorstep in a couple weeks. 

    Thanks again to everyone who participated and let us know what other events you'd like to see us sponsor.

    Dave Andrews
    Head of Customer Engagement
    Rocket Software