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Blog Post: JIRA for Rocket Aldon

  • 1.  Blog Post: JIRA for Rocket Aldon

    Posted 07-28-2020 09:06
    Recently, I blogged about JIRA and the Rocket Aldon LM add-on that Rocket has developed. Here's a snippet to get you interested.

    Everyone loves JIRA (well, almost everyone). And what's not to love? Many consider Atlassian's JIRA the go-to tool for managing projects for many reasons. It's highly customizable, it's not restricted to a single platform, and it can be hosted on-prem or in the cloud. Its capability to include requirement and change management processes adapted to an organization's unique needs is also a plus.

    To learn more, visit the JIRA for Rocket Aldon blog post.

    How do you think the Rocket Aldon LM add-on for JIRA will help with your productivity?

    Anita LeMay
    Rocket Software