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Tips & Tricks - Create a Delta Release in Rocket LMe

  • 1.  Tips & Tricks - Create a Delta Release in Rocket LMe

    Posted 08-06-2020 13:59
    Edited by Steve Wright 08-25-2020 15:44
    Continuing the series of Aldon Lifecycle Management tips & tricks, I shared a tutorial on how to create a delta release in Aldon LM(e). In this brief video, learn what level of access you need, the path to create, naming conventions and more.

    This short video explains how to define a ‘Delta Release’ within Rocket Lifecycle Manager Enterprise Edition. A ‘Delta Release’ provides powerful ‘Branching’ functionality, and contains only some of the parts that constitute a component. By definition, every delta release is a descendant of a base release or another delta release. Delta releases usually contain only those parts that have been added or modified in relation to the immediate ancestor release.

    We use the terms, parent, child and sibling to describe the relationship between two releases. Two releases have a parent-child relationship if the child release is directly descended from the parent. If a parent release has two or more child releases, then the child releases have a sibling relationship. Note that a parent release can be either a base release or a delta release; whereas a child release is always a delta release.’

    What tricks have you learned, and how has it helped improve your process?

    Steve Wright
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