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Python execution error after install - (python-2017-04-12-py27)

  • 1.  Python execution error after install - (python-2017-04-12-py27)

    Posted 04-25-2018 13:43

    Hello! I’m running a test hello world program using the release python-2017-04-12-py27. It’s a simple hello world, but I seem to run into an error. Are there any hardcoded values to take into account with the new installer?

    # python /u/myID/pythontest.py CEE3501S The module libpython2.7.so was not found. From compile unit RS25:/u/pdharr/anaconda-build/build/python/python-2.7.13/Modules/python.c at entry point main at stateme t 33 at compile unit offset +000000001B60A174 at entry offset +0000000000000034 at address 000000001B60A174. Ý1¨ + Done(137) python /u/myID/pythontest.py 16778631 Killed ./python

    The same error occurs while simply invoking python with no arguments.

    I would appreciate any help in understanding what I can do to bypass the error.

    • Joe

  • 2.  RE: Python execution error after install - (python-2017-04-12-py27)

    Posted 04-26-2018 05:39

    Probably the Pythom lib path needs to be included in LIBPATH.
    e.g. export LIBPATH=$PYTHON_HOME/lib:$LIBPATH

    This and more is described in the README.ZOS


  • 3.  RE: Python execution error after install - (python-2017-04-12-py27)

    Posted 05-01-2018 11:01

    Hi Joe,

    Per your request, here is ‘exactly what I typed’ before I was able to get into the “P” script …

    export PATH=$PATH:directory where you have installed this product
    export MANPATH=$MANPATH:/a/b/c/python/man/
    export PYTHONHOME=/a/b/c/python/bin
    export PYTHONPATH=/a/b/c/python/lib/python2.7

    export BASH_PREFIX=/a/b/c/bash/
    export PERL_PREFIX=/a/b/c/perl/


    export RELEASE_NAME=python-2017-04-12
    export RELEASE_TYPE=python-2017-04-12-py27

    cd $RELEASE_DIR/bin


    Also, just fyi - - - /a/b/c represents the directory structure where your ‘python’ resides. And you can code/put all these into a script and just execute that script - automatically.

    FInally, as Mr Mueller said, please read more about it in the README.ZOS document.


    M D -

  • 4.  RE: Python execution error after install - (python-2017-04-12-py27)

    Posted 05-03-2018 08:59

    That did it! Thank you!.

    • Joe