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Using git with ISPF

  • 1.  Using git with ISPF

    Posted 12-31-2019 15:51

    Using git with z/OS wouldn’t be possible without Rocket (or it would be more challenging).

    Using git with ISPF is now a reality. I’ve been working with Henri Kuiper on an ISPF application called zigi - z/OS ISPF Git Interface. At this point, it is still a work in progress but it is usable. Among the things that you will find are:

    1. It’s a full ISPF native application
    2. ISPF statistics for managed partitioned dataset members are retained
    3. Binary datasets (e.g. load modules, object decks) are not supported at this time

    Check it out at https://zigi.rocks/

    And if you’d like to participate please join the fun.

    Note: zigi does not support just any git repository - for a repository to be used by zigi the repository must be created by zigi. This could change in the future but there are valid reason for this.

  • 2.  RE: Using git with ISPF

    Posted 04-27-2020 06:31

    Hello Lionel,
    I’ve learned a lot from your various SHARE presentations and thank you. I’m looking forward to trying out Zigi. I downloaded GIT from the Rocket community website, but there is no perl or bash I can find on that site. Do you know if they have been withdrawn?

    If so, is there any other way except a DIY effort to install them from open source?


  • 3.  RE: Using git with ISPF

    Posted 04-27-2020 07:02

    Take a look on this page: https://my.rocketsoftware.com/RocketCommunity#/downloads

    you can filter to easily find what you want - both bash and perl are here

    Hope this helps - enjoy and let me know what you think