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Tips & Tricks - Use Harmonizer to Merge Two Source Members

  • 1.  Tips & Tricks - Use Harmonizer to Merge Two Source Members

    Posted 08-19-2021 14:44
    Edited by Joe Baumgarten 08-19-2021 14:46
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    I think I have devised a way where you can use Harmonizer's source code comparison to do a merge. Please see the attached document.

    In this example, I am using Harmonizer to compare two versions of a program that are in different source members: PGM1V1 and PGM1V2. They can be in the same source file or different, they can be in the same library or different, they can even be in different systems!

    The one "trick" is that you need to specify your primary source file twice as underlined below.

                CMPRF(*LCL/JOEB/HARMONIZER PGM1V2 +                 
                      *LCL/JOEB/HARMONIZER PGM1V1) +                
                OUTF(*LCL/JOEB/HARMONIZER PGM1MERGE) +              


    In order to understand more about what this command is doing, please read through the Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager Harmonizer™ User Guide Version 6.0B guide on

     I would suggest that you create a simple set of source members like I did and then play around with the above command, trying different parameters, until you get the result that you want.

     Good luck!
    P.S. I used Rocket TE's Screen History and Screen History Print function to capture the screens and create the PDF. 

    Joe Baumgarten
    Senior CSE
    Rocket Internal - All Brands
    Ames IA United States


    Merge with Harmonizer.pdf   268 KB 1 version

  • 2.  RE: Tips & Tricks - Use Harmonizer to Merge Two Source Members

    Posted 14 days ago
    ...and let's not forget the shipped LMi options for use of Harmonizer (including opening of gui in PC) for 35=Compare and 19=merge that can auto-fill the managed copies of the sources (including archives). 
    35=Compare to review differences (e.g. from Work with Objects by Developer)...
    Shipped options for Harmonizer = 35=Compare

    19=Merge to prompt for a source member for review (via Notifications - Conflicts). 
    Shipped LMi options for Harmonizer - Merge

    Can see the documentation for more details or [F1] in LMi to see more on the options.

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