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SB/XA Demo - Adding Hyperlinks to SB/XA Screens

  • 1.  SB/XA Demo - Adding Hyperlinks to SB/XA Screens

    Posted 09-28-2020 16:46
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    Attached is a small demonstration of what is possible with SB/XA XAML themes.  Adding a hyperlink to SB/XA Screens that open within the default browser.  This is also a tech note, accessible via the Rocket Community Portal(RCP).

    RCP Link: SB/XA Hyperlinks In Screens

    This tech note details how to create a hyperlink within an SB/XA screen to open in the systems default browser.  

    Again this is a small demonstration, but there are many things, both of similar scope and larger changes, that can be accomplished via XAML styling in the SB/XA Rich Client.

    Andrew Clay
    Technical Support Engineer II
    Rocket Software