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cURL 7.52.1 FTPS to ECUREP Server

  • 1.  cURL 7.52.1 FTPS to ECUREP Server

    Posted 11-22-2019 07:11

    i use cURL to send files via FTPS to IBM.
    No Problem with textfiles, but when i send a dump-file the is a problem:
    it has incorrect DCB attributes.
    I call cURL from MVS with BPXBATCH. The dump-file is copied from MVS to USS with OCOPY command and then transfered in binary format.
    I tried to use the SITE comand, but it is not accepted.
    Have anyone an idea?
    Thanks for help.

  • 2.  RE: cURL 7.52.1 FTPS to ECUREP Server

    Posted 05-12-2021 08:55
    A customer of IBM Remote Support encountered this issue in 2021.  We were unable to reproduce the issue using the community version of cURL and could not pursue further into the specific Rocket Software provided build of cURL.

    Donovan Smith