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UniVerse 11.3.2 Deep Dive Webinar Recording

  • 1.  UniVerse 11.3.2 Deep Dive Webinar Recording

    Posted 09-14-2020 15:29
    Despite being a version behind 12, UniVerse 11.3.2 is still a feature-rich platform with plenty of enhancements. Earlier in the year, myself and members of the UniVerse team hosted a webinar about this version of the application server.

    In the "Rocket UniVerse 11.3.2 Deep Dive" webinar (49 minutes), you will be introduced to an overview of the product before taking a closer look at new features and enhancements made to current features. Finally, demonstrations of these new features and enhancements are shown, including sequential file replication, UTC date time, Geospatial, root certifications, and more.

    Chris Rizza
    Rocket Software