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Use Rocket LegaSuite to quickly and easily develop rich web and mobile user experiences for your host-based applications, increasing user satisfaction. Rocket API helps organizations deliver intuitive web and mobile applications by making it easy to transform rigid, green-screen based workflows into outstanding user experiences.

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    Hi Peter, I manually created (generated was a poor choice of words) the context.xml too. I tried it on 9.0.37, where it worked, and 9.0.13, where it was ignored. As far as I can currently determine a global same-site cookie setting in the default Rfc6265CookieProcessor ...

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    Yes, it works, thank you Sarah. ------------------------------ Peter Cheng E2open ------------------------------

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    RE: Legasuite Emulator

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    Hi Jeroen, Yes, I was able to get it close to what we like it to be, with Sarah's help. Thank you. ------------------------------ Peter Cheng E2open ------------------------------

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    Thanks Razia! Rocket API offers lots of ways to unlock the value of the host applications, green screen APIs is just one of them (although often used as the first step in an API-based modernization strategy)! ------------------------------ Jeroen van ...

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    Very helpful, thank you for the video. ------------------------------ Peter Cheng E2open ------------------------------

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    We're excited to announce that our summer releases of Rocket API and Rocket LegaSuite are now available. In these releases, we've focused our efforts on improving the user and developer experience, so that organizations can more easily meet rising expectations ...

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    With Rocket's Access and Connectivity Hub, you can now centralize the licensing administration and deployment of web applications, LegaSuite Web Engines and servlets. In this video, I will demonstrate how to register a LegaSuite Web Engine in the Access ...

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    Creating a series of user friendly web pages across your green screen application is straightforward in LegaSuite Web. However, customers are increasingly asking for more advanced features such as single views of data. In this video I will show you ...

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    Isn't it frustrating having to page through lists of green screen data to find the correct record? In LegaSuite Web you can use the List Collection function to retrieve the list of data in one go to present to the user in a nice new web page in a table. ...

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    Recently, the Rocket LegaSuite team collaborated on a blog post sharing one customer's experience with LegaSuite Web and how it reduced their modernization effort. Online shopping has taken off across all industries, and has only been amplified by ...

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  • Now available | Rocket LegaSuite 8.5.4 and Rocket API 8.5.4

    We're excited to announce that Rocket LegaSuite 8.5.4 and Rocket API 8.5.4 is now available to customers on the Rocket Community Portal!

    Highlights of this release include:


    Rocket Aldon support:

    • LegaSuite Workbench includes an updated plugin (v8.2.500) for Rocket Aldon, which adds support for Rocket Aldon LMe v6.7.


    • PuTTY has been upgraded to version 0.74 which provides enhanced security and functionality. 

    Rocket LegaSuite Web


    Updated Material Design template:

    • ‘Material Design’ styled combo boxes and date pickers are now available.
    • Control how SmartBuild will align to the position of an input field or label field for improved layout of widgets.
    • The template now includes the ability to enable end-users to turn dynamic UI rules on or off, for the best result at runtime.
    • The Material Design template is now available for all Web Builder project types.

    Web application design experience:

    • To improve the web application design experience, containers which include other pages now display a preview of the read-only contents of the included pages.


    Engines and Servlet

    • Handling HTTP compression using the HTTPRequestSend script function is now supported in engines and clients.


    Rocket API


    • It is now possible to access the microflow’s variables from JavaScript Function actions.
    • JavaScript files in API Screen projects now display built-in variables that are JavaScript reserved keywords.
    • The detection and handling of API Deployment projects that are copied or cloned into the same workspace has been improved.


    API Gateway

    Improved security

    • To prevent exposure of sensitive information, microflows now return a Strict-Transport-Security header by default in the HTTP response when they are invoked via a HTTPS or SSL-enabled SOAP communication manager.
    • To prevent a Cross-Site Tracing (XST) attack using Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), the HTTP TRACE method is now excluded by default in the HTTP and HTTPS Communication Managers. 


    Access & Connectivity Hub

    • The Access and Connectivity Hub now shows the Transaction history of its connected API Gateways in a filterable list. An administrator can now inspect what transactions were executed on what Gateway and with what response time without turning to the Gateway's log files. 
    • The Dashboard has been expanded to include charted information about completed API Transactions, per Realm, per Environment. The menus and the chart itself allow the user to zoom in on the transactions completed in a particular period.
    • The Hub now provides feedback about the progress of deployment to engines. A new progress indicator is visible on the console pages listing engines which shows the progress of the deployment and whether it succeeded or not. All engine statuses on the Dashboard now update in real time.
    • E-mail notifications can now be customized by modifying the templates.
    • It is now possible to directly edit a selected Realm or Environment on the Dashboard page.
    • All communication between the API Gateway and the hub are performed via a WebSocket. This means that all administration functionality used to manage the API Gateway from the hub will operate correctly even if the Gateway is behind a firewall.


    Rocket LegaSuite GUI

    • The icons for the printer client secure and non-secure connections have been refreshed.


    Detailed release notes can be found at docs.rocketsoftware.com.