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Discuss the ways you are managing system interruptions, recovering from outages, or scaling for increasing transactional volumes with Rocket iCluster. Share your tips & tricks, stay up to date on the latest announcements and engage with other iCluster users.

Rocket iCluster provides high-availability/disaster recovery (HA/DR) solutions help ensure uninterrupted operation for your IBM i applications, offering continuous access by monitoring, identifying and self-correcting replication problems.
To learn more about how to limit downtimes and maximize IBM i application and data availability, visit the iCluster home page.

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    In this series discussing iCluster Performance, we have discussed TCP/IP settings and disk unit I/O impacts on IBM Power running i with iCluster replication. If you missed those topics, you would find those in the list of Forum threads in the iCluster ...

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    Hi Mike, Thanks so much for the feedback and for providing a link to a very interesting article. That is totally on-topic and helpful stuff. Frankly, I seldom get an opportunity to examine hardware selection details at my desk (outside of problem determination) ...

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    Did you know that you can now activate single member at a time? If your file that was suspended was extremely large with multiple members, and only one member had an issue, this could use up a lot of bandwidth for no reason at all. It was sometimes better ...

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    Hi Don, thanks for the quick response! Stefan ------------------------------ Stefan Breuer VEDA GmbH ------------------------------

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    If you have a new setup with iCluster and want to test the integrity of your backup system before running a switch test, use the simulator to check the environment. The simulator does not affect the production system, work can carry on there uninterrupted, ...

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    When configuring iCluster on a new cluster, we recommend that each Group has it's own Staging Store library as well as its own journal & receivers. This will improve overall performance and make maintenance and fire-fighting any issues easier. So, for ...

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    Hi Mike, Thank you for the feedback on the TCPIP performance tips. I have had customers set this up but it is pretty rare in my experience despite this feature was introduced so long ago (2012). In the cases I had the opportunity to discus, the administrator ...


  • Now available | iCluster version 8.3

    We're excited to announce that iCluster 8.3 is now available to customers on the Rocket Customer Portal.

    Highlights of this release include:

    Replication enhancements
    • Faster synchronization of source physical files (PF-SRC) by using a record-by-record refreshing method.
    • Support for replication of logical files such as SQL views that are not based on physical files.
    • No numerical limit on Byte Stream File (BSF) specifiers; a longer maximum path name extension to support more types of BSF objects.

    Sync Check enhancements
    New options:
    • A user sync check can now be initiated for a specific file from the backup monitor.
    • Ability to run sync checks sequentially when starting a sync check for a group.
    • New auto-repair options for database files and native objects.
    New detection features:
    • Files with journals that are not being scraped will be reported with reason code JNS.
    • Files that are not journaled will be suspended with reason code EJF.
    • Missing replication information for journaled objects will be reported with reason code RIM.
    • Improved performance when activating out-of-sync objects and byte stream files.

    Status Monitor
    • The collection of performance data for all replication groups has been optimized.
    • E-mail alerts now include the system name in the title.

    Other Changes
    • iCluster has new defaults for sync check type and maximum record level errors for optimal performance.

    Detailed release notes can be found at
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