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Welcome to the Rocket Terminal Emulator forum. Rocket Terminal Emulator 10.1 is the latest version of Rocket BlueZone, the de-facto industry standard for IBM i, Z and VT-based systems.  

Joins us here to exchange insights on driving organizational efficiency and enhancing host system access. Engage with industry peers and Rocketeers from across our organization. Stay informed of the latest trends, product developments and news through discussions, videos, webinars, exclusive forum events and more.

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  • Hi Michael, 24X80 is default screen size of model 2 ~ model 5. The size beside model name in Device Tab is alternate screen size. This could be the reason why the screen sometimes reverted to 24x80 in your case. It seems you need to set both default ...

  • Distributing a terminal emulator to users across the enterprise can be quite the task. Rocket TE's Web Deployment Manager makes it easy and fast to managing users, groups, and sessions from a centralized location. This video explains how, using the built-in ...

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  • Any customer who is has an active maintenance contract or subscription can utilize our Technical Support team . I f you decide to upgra d e to R ocket T E using our automated switch utility tool, that is included in your paid ...

  • We have customers that have used thousands of concurrent sessions. ------------------------------ Leonard Jacobs Sr Systems Engineer Rocket Software ------------------------------

  • Thank you Dave, hope to see you all there. ------------------------------ Tommy Hueber Rocket Software ------------------------------

  • Terminal emulators will sometimes require some sort of keyboard re-mapping if you are not using an international English keyboard. Maybe you are accessing your IBM i system and need to re-map the keyboard for field exit and enter. Whatever your keyboard ...

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  • The latest version of the Rocket Terminal Emulator (formerly Rocket BlueZone) delivers a variety of improvements for end users and administrators, improving usability, efficiency and security. This blog highlights key updates and provides links to several ...

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  • Are you using one of our terminal emulators to access your IBM i, IBM Z or other legacy system? We’ve just released an upgrade for every single Rocket customer. Host access is critical for any user, whether they are systems administrators, power users, ...


  • Welcome WebConnect and ConnectiQ to the Rocket family!

    Today, we announced the acquisition of WebConnect terminal emulation and ConnectiQ mainframe RPA from ActiveOps. We're excited to bring these two leading technologies into the Rocket family.  


    ConnectiQ is a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tool for mainframe environments. Its customers, many of whom are in the healthcare payer industry, have achieved mind-blowing efficiencies by automating the most-repeated, most labor-intensive functions in their claims processes, saving millions of dollars.  

    RPA serves as another option on the spectrum of choices for mainframe and IBM i leaders. Whether you want to revamp the user experience, streamline the user processes, access the data or automate an entire domain, we have the solutions to help you in your journey.   


    We've been delivering enterprise-class terminal emulation solutions for decades with our BlueZone solutions. With WebConnectwe're glad to bring another mainframe terminal emulator into the fold.  

    Terminal emulation is an area where we continue to actively innovate, most recently supporting the Zowe platform for mainframes. This acquisition represents yet another investment in a space we see as critical for anyone engaging with a host system. An efficient, configurable and comfortable terminal emulator truly changes the experience of working with a mainframe, IBM i, or VT-based system. That's why we're glad to have WebConnect in our portfolio of exceptional tools.  


    Over the years, we've acquired dozens of incredible technologies that, when brought together, create a wealth of opportunities to enhance, integrate and innovate upon legacy systems. This acquisition is no exception.   

    If you're ConnectiQ or WebConnect customer and new to Rocket, welcome! Reach out to us anytime. We're certain you'll love our commitment to the mainframe, our exceptional customer support, and our deep appreciation for each and every customer. 

  • Announcing Rocket BlueZone Web for Zowe

    Rocket Software is proud to announce the launch of BlueZone Web for Zowe, the first commercial terminal emulator solution for Zowe.