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Rocket® UniVerse, the most popular MultiValue application platform, is a fast, flexible data server for developing enterprise apps. Additional information can be found on the Rocket UniVerse home page.

Rocket® UniData is a best-in-class MultiValue application platform, for scalable business apps that can evolve as needs change. Product information and additional resources can be found on the Rocket UniData home page

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  • Thanks I will try that. ------------------------------ Sandy Barry ARAMARK ------------------------------

  • Kevin, I've set up multiple sites to use EDA and Replication and the fastest way to assist you with this is to place a support call with Rocket so we can help you with this. Attempting to resolve this over the community forum could be drawn out and cumbersome. ...

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  • here is the sample * UV Get Magic Number for 32 or 64 Bit * GET (ARG.) FILENAME ELSE PROMPT "" ; CRT "Pathname: " :; INPUT FILENAME IF FILENAME = "" THEN STOP OPEN FILENAME TO FILEVAR ELSE CRT "Error " : STATUS() : " Opening >" : FILENAME : "<" STATUS ...

  • Thanks for this Manu, and apologies for the delay, I was out for the holidays and getting back into things now. I will take a look at the attachment. ------------------------------ Steven Wingfield Rocket Software ------------------------------

  • Note that only strings / numbers and Python objects can be passed as an argument with the API . That being said , there are ways to do what you describe , but it is more of your original ...

  • Thanks Manu and Mike for your response. I found out I used an incorrect way to count the number of characters. I use the Excel to check the number of character by putting the number 12345678901234567890 above the row that contains ...

  • Gregor, While I mentioned it may be possible to set an active virtual Python environment, I do not recommend it since it would require the environment to stay active, and would have issues if someone then wanted to use multiple virtual environments. ...



    External Database Access (EDA) enables you to convert data stored in Rocket UniVerse and UniData databases to a first normal form (1NF) database, such as Microsoft SQL Server, then access that data using existing UniVerse BASIC programs, RetrieVe, or UniData/UniVerse SQL. For the UniVerse I-type fields, they can be mapped in many ways to SQL Server. This post will expand the mapping section of the External Database Access manual.

    Have you seen the UniVerse samples and examples on Git? Get all the details in this blog post.
  • U2 Audit Logging overview

    If you're on UniData and concerned with compliance or security, I invite you to watch this 9 minute video which provides an over view of U2 Audit Logging.

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  • Managing product marketing for the MultiValue business unit means that I have an opportunity to interact with customers, and hearing how Rocket products have improved services and offerings for their customers. Using a combination of UniData and U2 RESTful ...

  • Earlier in the year, Cheng Jiang, one of Rocket's software engineers on the MultiValue team, shared some insight into OpenSSL and this new Transport Layer Security protocol inclusion in UniVerse 11.3.2. To learn more about the new Open SSL library, improved ...