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Rocket® z/Trim Operations Analytics allows you to easily visualize your mainframe resource consumption and have meaningful conversations with business and IT leaders about mainframe utilization and optimization. With transparency and understanding made easy for all stakeholders, you’re empowered to make informed decisions about the mainframe that can quickly drive down costs and help you avoid penalties.

Visit the z/Trim Operations Analytics product page for more information. 

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    Workload behavior is an important component of your processing environment. Understanding when certain workloads are active and how this affects your overall consumption is crucial to understanding your z/OS system's behavior. The z/Trim cost11 KPI plots ...

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    Your overall consumption and its relationship to your billed MSU's can be understood by reviewing your cost10 (R4H) and cost14 (Billed MSU) in z/Trim. These two KPI's look at your system utilization a little differently focusing on your R4H (cost10) and ...

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    The Rocket® z/Trim Operation Analytics platform allows easy visualization of mainframe resource consumption, and more meaningful conversations with IT leaders about mainframe utilization and optimization. To learn more about how z/Trim can assist with ...