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  • or - set $ioprint = 8 (Description block (Open)) - which will show what Uniface thinks the record layout is... hth - Knut ------------------------------ Dybendahl Knut ...

  • We have already some computers running Windows 11 and it seems that Uniface is running fine. I think Uniface sees Windows 11 as Windows 10. ------------------------------ ...

  • Hi The version of OpenSSL (libssl.so) with this version of Uniface is 1.0.2n. We are experiencing a known issue due to the version of OpenSSL being below 1.1.0. The only ...

  • Hi There's a new long term support edition of Java (version 17). When do you recon this will be supported by Uniface 10.4 please. Regards Matt Dennison ------------------------------ ...

  • Good to know. ------------------------------ Iain Sharp Head of Technical Services Pci Systems Ltd Sheffield United Kingdom ------------------------------

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  • Rocket Aldon Eclipse Plug-ins 8.2.700 Release Announcement

    The Power Systems Business Unit is pleased to announce the release of the Rocket Aldon Eclipse Plug-ins version 8.2.700.   Rocket Aldon Eclipse ... More
  • Rocket Software Acquires Database and Tools Products of Zumasys, Inc.

    Acquisition Allows Rocket® to Innovate at Scale, Provide eLearning, and Develop Coordinated Product Roadmaps Informed by Zumasys Application Expertise More
  • Rocket Software Releases EDX 6

    Attention all Rocket® EDX™ customers. We informed you via email in the summer about the release of EDX 6. This was also announced in a press release. Check ... More

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  • Uniface is replacing DLM with Sentinel as its licensing tool as of 10.3.03 and 10.4. Sentinel provides more functionality than DLM and will help to reduce license administration and manual overhead for both you, our customers, and for us. So how does ...

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