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  • With PDFWriter you've got (had ?) a DCOM object which you can communicate with to know the status of the printing (that's the method we use with it) ------------------------------ ...

  • It could be, that clean up was not executed in the 97 environment. So compare cleanup 97 with 10.x ------------------------------ Dino Seelig Tcco Drunen NL ------------ ...

  • Hmmm, this is why we built a separate form component for progress messages/bar, which can be populated either with activate or postmessage (where the svc is running via userver). ...

  • Hi Laurent, Thanks for your feedback. And you are welcome. Good to hear that it's working. ------------------------------ Daniel Iseli Principal Technical Support Engineer ...

  • Hi Toni, The default license service for Uniface 10.3.03 and 10.4.01 is the new Sentinel License system. Customers are urged to use this new licensing system instead of ...

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  • Rocket Releases Rocket® Eurex-c 6.1.1

    Rocket has released a new version of Rocket® Eurex-c 6.1.1, our high-capacity communications system for seamless and integrated file transfer. The highlights ... More
  • Rocket Releases TRUfusion Enterprise

    A new release of Rocket® TRUfusion™ Enterprise is now available. Rocket TRUfusion Enterprise is a hotfix release that resolves 6 urgent issues. ... More
  • New working example DevOps pipeline available for download

    If you want to implement mainframe application builds using modern DevOps driven by open-source tools and prefer to learn from an example, check out this ... More

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  • Uniface is replacing DLM with Sentinel as its licensing tool as of 10.3.03 and 10.4. Sentinel provides more functionality than DLM and will help to reduce license administration and manual overhead for both you, our customers, and for us. So how does ...

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