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 Auto Sending mail using the New M$ Outlook

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Curt Lashley posted 06-18-2024 17:19

I have several customers both on UV and on D3 that have programs that send email. AT is using OLE to talk to outlook.
This has stopped working the second the new outlook was forced on my customers.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

This is the code that Pete sent me years ago that was working

*  ADDRESS:  recipient's email address
*  SUBJECT:  one-line email subject
*  MESSAGE:  multi-line email message (lines separated by AM)
*  ATTACH:   optional attachment file name
      EQU AM TO CHAR(254), VM TO CHAR(253), SVM TO CHAR(252)
      EQU EM TO CHAR(25)
      SCRIPT = ''
*Create our object variables
      CRT @(0,20):@(-3):"You have called Outlook to send emails. Remember to say 'Allow' to permit Outlook to actually Send the email"
      PRINT "Attachment: ":ATTACH
      SCRIPT = SCRIPT : 'Dim OutlookApp as Object' : EM
      SCRIPT = SCRIPT : 'Dim MailItem as Object' : EM
      SCRIPT = SCRIPT : 'Dim Recipient as Object' : EM
      SCRIPT = SCRIPT : 'Dim Attachment as Object' : EM
*Create the Outlook application object
      SCRIPT = SCRIPT : 'Set OutLookApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")' : EM
*Use the Application object to create our mail object
      SCRIPT = SCRIPT : 'Set MailItem = OutLookApp.CreateItem(0)' : EM
*Add recipients to the mail item
      ARG = ADDRESS ; GOSUB 100
      N = DCOUNT(ARG, AM)
      FOR I=1 TO N
         SCRIPT = SCRIPT:'Set Recipient = Mailitem.Recipients.Add("':ARG<I>:'")':EM
         SCRIPT = SCRIPT:'If Not Recipient.Resolve Then': EM
         SCRIPT = SCRIPT : '   MsgBox "The recipient did not check out!"' : EM
         SCRIPT = SCRIPT : '   Exit Sub' : EM
         SCRIPT = SCRIPT : 'End If' : EM
      NEXT I
* Add the subject
      ARG = SUBJECT ; GOSUB 100
      SCRIPT = SCRIPT : 'MailItem.Subject = "' : ARG : '"' : EM
* Add the message - lines are separated by attribute marks
      ARG = MESSAGE ; GOSUB 100
      SCRIPT = SCRIPT : 'Body = "' : ARG<1> : '"' : EM
      N = DCOUNT(ARG, AM)
      FOR I = 2 TO N
         SCRIPT = SCRIPT : 'Body = Body & Chr$(13) & Chr$(10) & "' : ARG<I> : '"' : EM
      NEXT I
      SCRIPT = SCRIPT : 'MailItem.Body = Body' : EM
* Add the attachment
      IF ATTACH <> '' THEN
         ARG = ATTACH ; GOSUB 100
         N = DCOUNT(ARG, AM)
         FOR I = 1 TO N
            SCRIPT = SCRIPT : 'MailItem.Attachments.Add "' :ARG<I> : '"' : EM
         NEXT I
      SCRIPT = SCRIPT : 'MailItem.Send' : EM
      SCRIPT = SCRIPT : 'Set Attachment = Nothing' : EM
      SCRIPT = SCRIPT : 'Set Recipient = Nothing' : EM
      SCRIPT = SCRIPT : 'Set MailItem = Nothing' : EM
      SCRIPT = SCRIPT : 'Set MailItem = Nothing'
      PRINT ESC : STX : 'P' : SCRIPT : CR :
      CRT @(0,23):@(-4):"Finished Sending Mail to ":ADDRESS
100:* Local subroutine to fixup embedded double-quote marks
      K = 1
         J = INDEX(ARG, '"', K)
      WHILE J DO
         ARG = ARG[1, J] : ARG[J, 99999]
         K = K + 2

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M Arcus1

Have you tried mutt on the host instead of using a mail client on the client?

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Peter Cheney

Wondering does this code make the windows PC send the mail from the local outlook? So the "PRINT ESC : STX : 'P' : SCRIPT : CR :" causes your terminal emulator to send email via outlook on the local PC? Wow I've never seen how that's done before as I've always used sendmail to create/send from the UV server.

If I was to troubleshoot this I'd be writing the SCRIPT away to some file so I could look at it and see what it looks like and try and understand how it does what it's trying to do. Another thing I'd be checking is if the terminal emulator has also been updated which may be related. Also is there any documentation available for "driving" lookout to make new and send new emails? You must be able to script this from a windows powershell or something so there should be some info somewhere on how to do that. Check this against what your SCRIPT looks like and see what's missing?


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PARTNER Manu Fernandes


For our client running 365 we write a subr to send emails from host UV/Basic via MS-Graph REST http request.

The sent emails are in the 'sent' folder of user's 365 account.

Are you interrested ? 


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PARTNER Manu Fernandes


Recently Many users switch their exchange system to Microsoft 365.

To send emails we write a subr on server side which use MS-Graph http rest to send the emails. 

The sent emails are sent and stores into the 'sent' folder of the usermailbox. 

Are you interrested ? 


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PARTNER Chris Wolcz

We have a .Net app that sends emails in the background from D3. If you need to send emails more interactively, have you consider using Python? Here is a sample code.

import smtplib
from email.mime.text import MIMEText
from email.mime.multipart import MIMEMultipart

def send_email(sender_email, sender_password, receiver_email, subject, body):
    # Outlook SMTP server address and port
    smtp_server = ''
    smtp_port = 587  # Port for STARTTLS

    # Create a MIMEText object to represent the email
    message = MIMEMultipart()
    message['From'] = sender_email
    message['To'] = receiver_email
    message['Subject'] = subject
    message.attach(MIMEText(body, 'plain'))

        # Establish a secure session with Outlook's SMTP server
        server = smtplib.SMTP(smtp_server, smtp_port)
        server.starttls()  # Enable encryption for the connection
        # Login using your Outlook email address and password
        server.login(sender_email, sender_password)
        # Send the email
        server.sendmail(sender_email, receiver_email, message.as_string())
        print('Email sent successfully!')
    except Exception as e:
        print(f'Failed to send email. Error: {str(e)}')
        server.quit()  # Terminate the SMTP session

# Example usage:
if __name__ == "__main__":
    sender_email = ''
    sender_password = 'your_outlook_password'
    receiver_email = ''
    subject = 'Test Email from Python'
    body = 'Hello, this is a test email sent from Python using Outlook SMTP.'

    send_email(sender_email, sender_password, receiver_email, subject, body)

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PARTNER David Williams

Well to use Ms 365 and send emails. I found I have to turn off MFA for that particular mail box. I used Edoc to create PDF's with a template overlay. Then let that program do the heavy lifting. You only need a few lines of code after it's set up and it looks really pretty. Plus you can seal or encrypt the PDF if you're sending sensitive info.

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PARTNER Henry Unger

We use both "sendmail" and "mutt" on the server to send emails to eliminate client-side dependencies.