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 How to Configure Rocket TE (Terminal Emulator) Sessions to Launch in a Separate Window vs a Single Window with Tabs

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Bob Russell posted 06-28-2024 13:22

Hello, I've spent about 90 minutes poking at menu options, googling and reading, joining this community and searching, but I haven't found a solution to my problem.

I recently got upgraded to Windows 11, and with this, had to install Rocket TE Mainframe Display v10.2.1.4931 (64-bit).  Now, when I launch multiple Mainframe Terminal Emulators, 3270 sessions to be specific, they start as tabs in a single window.  If I right-click on the tab for one of the sessions, I do get the option to "move to new window".  This allows me to have my sessions in multiple windows vs multiple tabs in a single window.

My question is, can I configure the *.zmd files for each of my session so that they each launch in their own window vs a tab in a single window?


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Tom Longfellow

I had this same problem with the new GUI .   The solution was to change a line in the install parameters file to fall back to the prior GUI  that we have all grown up with.

Here is what is at the end of my global.ini file in the Desktop Edition/x64 directory

I do not think there is a way to accomplish this in a .zmd file