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 Wintegrate cannot write xlsx files to local C:\ folders, was working yesterday, not working today

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Andrew Mills posted 06-21-2024 02:25

Hello Rocket Community

Hoping you can help.

We use Wintegrate emulator for our Dealer Management solution.

Has been in production for over 5 years.

Was working fine yesterday, today user is not able to download xlsx files to folder.

Can download text, csv etc, via same executable and folder destinations.

Message displayed is: There was an error during the transfer: Unable to open or create local file.

Message is displayed after clicking OK on folder where file is to be stored to.

We have had this happen to 3 computers, 2 some time back, a 3rd computer today.

User is able to save and open / access the folder and files in the folder, error exists in Wintegrate only.

Thank you in advance.

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PARTNER Brian Phillips

On several occasions I've found that mysterious new problems were linked to either browser or Microsoft Windows updates. Check when Windows updates were last applied on the affected workstations. If the timing of the updates corresponds with when the problems began, then the issue could be something Microsoft did in the update. It would be a good idea to check when the web browser(s) was/were last updated and see if the time periods match up with the when the users began having problems.

Different products can use the same shared libraries and encounter similar problems. With this in mind I also suggest searching the internet for similar symptoms with a time period in the past week (or month, etc., whatever makes sense) to see if others are encountering the same or similar problem within their non-Wintegrate product.