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An Introduction to Sentinel for Uniface License Management

By Jan Cees Boogaard posted 10-05-2021 11:50


Uniface is replacing DLM with Sentinel as its licensing tool as of 10.3.03 and 10.4. Sentinel provides more functionality than DLM and will help to reduce license administration and manual overhead for both you, our customers, and for us.

So how does it work? And what are the main differences between Sentinel and DLM?

At the heart of Sentinel is the Entitlement Management System (EMS), a central cloud service that maintains the licenses for all Uniface customers and users. It provides a self-service portal that you can use to obtain and extend licenses using your Entitlement ID that you initially receive from Uniface License Management. After that, you can simply generate and download license files based on your Entitlement.

Like DLM, Sentinel enables you to license your application using a local license file for standalone (node-locked) licenses, or a license server for network (concurrent) licensing. For both the DLM License Server and the equivalent Sentinel RMS License Server, the license server holds the license and handles license administration, such as keeping track of the licenses that are in use or available. The RMS server also supports commuting licenses, which is equivalent to DLM license borrowing.

But the Sentinel EMS enables you to do much more, especially if you have an internet connection. For example:

  • You can configure your RMS to automatically synchronize with the EMS, so no administration is needed at all. Licenses will be extended automatically based on your Entitlement.
  • You can also configure your Uniface clients to directly connect to the EMS using cloud licenses. A good approach for node-locked Uniface client licenses and sets up a zero-maintenance environment for your Uniface clients.

Nice to know: The Uniface Community Edition users are already using Sentinel cloud-leased licenses.

The RMS with cloud-licensing support is currently available for Windows and Linux and can be found on the Uniface download site.

We encourage you to use Sentinel for your Uniface license management. It is simply easier and more flexible. Please contact your Account Manager to obtain your Sentinel entitlement.