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    RE: sudo oddities

    Hi Vladimir, Thanks for your reply. We don't use Kerberos. If I understand you correctly the public available sudo isn't usable by all who don't use Kerberos. Is there a time frame when Rocket plans ...

  • UV 11.3 did change the default value for OPTMEM from 64 to 256, so there must be some value in having a larger workspace. Has anyone gone beyond 256 as a setting, I wonder? ------------------------------ ...

  • Thanks again @Jay LaBonte . I am after real-world experiences with these settings and your response tells me you have been working with these settings for a while. When I raised a support question with ...

  • SYSTEM(9) returns the millisecond CPU count charged to your process. This is the value you want. SYSTEM(12) only returns the current wall-clock (elapsed) time. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the UniVerse, ...

  • I'm not sure it is possible to gain higher time resolution without changing software versions. On an existing system you can create your own time function that stores the SYSTEM(12) value in named common. ...

  • Aaron, The documentation is incorrect. SBXA-18778 is actually a documentation request, as Rocket assured me that it may be a significant engineering request to have the software perform per the current ...

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    RE: 401 Unauthorized

    That was it - I had to run from memory (which was obviously faulty) as the miniconda installation did not setup the .condarc with a channels section. Is there any reason why miniconda installation can't ...

  • Posted in: Rocket iCluster

    In a previous post on synchronization, we discussed using a save and restore method to synchronize the Backup node and start replication at a known point and time in the journal receivers. In this post ...

  • Hi Gary, It's a bug in the build of sudo. The build with the fix is available for customers on support contract since February. Per our policy, fixes are moved from the secure to the public conda channel ...

  • You left out some details so I had to make some assumptions. Also, there are a number of ways to do this. This is just 1 example. The pointer below assumes the loan officer number is the key to the PR.USER ...

  • Posted in: Rocket Aldon

    Hi Miguel, We always appreciate and enjoy hearing about your positive experience with Rocket Aldon! Your inquiry has sparked some internal discussions, and we are going to reach out to the ...

  • Thanks, found it now. ------------------------------ Stuart Boydell ------------------------------

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