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  • The mission-critical technology powering banking, airlines, insurance companies, the hospitality industry, delivery services, and more, IBM Information Management System, better known as “IMS,” processes an estimated 265 billion transactions today. In fact, if you live a modern life, it’s pretty much impossible not to interact with it. Despite that fact, most people aren’t aware of [] The post IMS Ecosystem: Beyond Transaction Manager, Database and Tools appeared first on The Rocket Software Blog .
  • I’m excited to share that earlier today, we announced that we’ve acquired Uniface, a Netherlands-based company that develops a low-code application development platform also known as Uniface. Thousands of customers around the world rely on the Uniface platform to build and run their mission-critical applications and, like Rocket’s customers, the Uniface customers include some of [] The post Join me in welcoming Uniface to the Rocket Software family appeared first on The Rocket Software Blog .

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  • z/OS sudo-1.8.21p2-7 resolves CVE-2021-3156

    A new release of sudo (sudo-1.8.21p2-7) is now available for download and install via conda from Rocket's secure conda channel server. This release contains the patch to resolve the security vulnerability CVE-2021-3156.

    We're excited to announce that Rocket LegaSuite 8.5.5 and Rocket API 8.5.5 is now available to customers on the Rocket Community Portal! Highlights include:   General OpenSSL has been upgraded to version 1.1.1i, providing enhanced security.   Rocket LegaSuite Web Workbench Updated Material Design template: The Material Design template for Web 3270 projects has been updated with a new logon page and improved Dynamic UI rules for the best result at runtime. New custom widgets ...

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