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  • This content was originally presented at the inaugural Open Mainframe Project Summit in September 2020. Over two years ago, Rocket Software joined forces with IBM and Broadcom/CA to create the Zowe project. Our goal? To build a z/OS framework for the modern age. As long-time mainframe users, we all wanted to come together to create [] The post Building Upon Zowe: How Rocket is Building Commercial Software for Zowe Users appeared first on The Rocket Software Blog .

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  • Welcome WebConnect and ConnectiQ to the Rocket family!

    Today, we announced the acquisition of WebConnect terminal emulation and ConnectiQ mainframe RPA from ActiveOps. We're excited to bring these two leading technologies into the Rocket family.   ConnectiQ  ConnectiQ is a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tool for mainframe environments. Its customers, many of whom are in the healthcare payer industry, have achieved mind-blowing efficiencies by automating the most-repeated, most labor-intensive functions in their claims processes, saving millions of dollars.    RPA serves as another ...

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