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  • Posted in: Uniface User Forum

    Hey Mike It worked! I used the first approach, looking for "%%^" and it was right. So, many thanks for your help! Pedro ------------------------------ Pedro Morales Dedalus Spa Malaga ES - ...

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    RE: Rocket support procedure

    Jonathan, thank you very much for that information. I'll pass it on to our migration team. We are still a few weeks away and we are gathering information incase we have an oops scenarios. Thanks ...

  • Fantastic to see innovation and modern tooling in the MV space, thanks for sharing the technical details! Now I'm just anxiously waiting for the same enhancements to come to Unidata :-) ------------------------------ ...

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    GETLIST(V) Bug in OpenQM

    Posted in: Rocket OpenQM

    I have reported this to support but wondered if a) anyone else has seen this issue, and b) warn those of you that may be unaware of it. The GETLIST or GETLISTV statement in QM Basic (not to be confused ...

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    RE: MVconnect response time

    Posted in: Rocket OpenQM

    We have found MVConnect (tested in jBase and OpenQM) to be sluggish when building large responses if you use the MVConnect Object functions to build the JSON response. In OpenQM we leverage the built in ...

  • Posted in: MultiValue Tools

    Thank you. A real help. 👍 Kind regards Chris Baxter CB Soft. ...

  • Posted in: Uniface User Forum

    Hello everybody, I'm facing the challenge to replace (periodically) unicode characters from UTF8-coded files into useful ascii characters in order to store them in an ISO database. ...

  • Posted in: MultiValue Tools

    Hi Chris - The sample program 'OE' in the AccuTerm account uses the approach suggested by Brian. A normal Edit box for the search string, and a popup window to show the results. Search form is shown ...

  • daniel.conradienz@gmail.com Thanks very much Kevin ------------------------------ Daniel Conradie Rocket Forum Shared Account ------------------------------

  • Posted in: RocketCE for Power

    Is Open Source Kubernetes available on Power10? ------------------------------ Pradip Bhatt IBM Principal Sales Specialist Rocket Forum Shared Account ------------------------------

  • Posted in: RocketCE for Power

    Is VectorDB available on IBM Power10 server? https://vectordb.com/ Vectordb VectorDB VectorDB is a lightweight Python package for storing and retrieving ...

  • Using Putty to access 2 different z/OS 2.4 images; Putty settings are same for each session save for the target IP address. On system with bash 4.2.53(2) backspace behavior works normally - content is ...

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