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  • You have a couple of options. Connect your on-prem network to the cloud via a private, secure VPN For those who can't use a VPN, we highly recommend using a 3rd part product called CirrusPrint. ...

  • @Joe Goldthwaite My understanding of the UV login process flow for interactive connections is this ... When you first connect to a UV account, the UV.LOGIN command is read from the UV account ...

  • Posted in: Uniface User Forum

    Hello John, These problems arose the moment Rocket Uniface 10.4 Community Edition was released. At that time, I was already using the 10.3 version in the 32-bit version. The U10.4 Community Edition is ...

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    RE: AccuTerm 8.1.1 is GA

    Posted in: MultiValue Tools

    Hernando, this is good news for computers that are in remote locations of a warehouse without internet connection. Not all applications run in an office environment with internet service. ------------------------------ ...

  • Hi Gregor, This series may be of some interest... ------------------------------ Justin Gledhill Business Analyst Ecolab Incorporated Saint Paul MN US ------------------------------

  • One solution to the pb is the following one liner to modify the termcap database: infocmp dumb | sed '$ s/$/ clear=\\f,/ ' | tic - best ------------------------------ Peter Sylvester Guru Self ...

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    RE: Questions about CALLC

    Posted in: Rocket jBASE

    Hi Derek, You don't mention which version of jBASE you are working with so I will assume it is either 3.x or 4.x. I don't see CALLC mentioned in the 5.x documentation and I believe that is because you ...

  • Patch 10.4.02-036 Downloads Product availability Matrix (PAM) Downloads of this patch are available from the Rocket Customer Support Portal . Further explanation can be found here . ...

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    Abstract on RDOUSR

    If you are using RDOp, so the RDOUSR is a topic you could not get rid of. Before installing RDO, manually create the RDOUSR user profile, supplying a password that meets your security Requirements is necessary. ...

  • Posted in: D3 and mvBase

    ...and if you're running hot-backup the unix dir won't be replicated. ------------------------------ Bryan Buchanan Manager WebbTide Systems Pty Ltd Morayfield QLD AU ------------------------------

  • Hi Manu, To my knowledge, the Windows version of UniVerse has never accumulated statistics for semaphore collisions and retries. Therefore, the 'smat -s' and 'analyze.shm -s' would always return 0. I ...

  • Okay, ignore the above; I was able to get an exception to fire with the conditional. So far I have not been successful in causing the status code to show in a multi-stage microflow...does it need to ...

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