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  • I downloaded and installed uniface, registered on the website, received an email containing the Entitlement ID: 20a8c1c4-a5bc-405c-8455-7fbb2decdc13, however, at the end of the installation, when I go ...

  • If you wish to use the SELECT or COUNT approach, include a WITH clause that will not select any records. Example: WITH PositiveNumericField < 0. This ensures the record is read, including any oversize ...

  • Hello Njaal, Miniconda installer doesn't have such option, however it's possible to install miniconda in non-interactive way, by passing all the necessary replies to the installer via pipe. Another ...

  • Posted in: Uniface User Forum

    Hi, You must define UNIFACEKEYS property to your HTML widget, and add Esc value. In the trigger userKey of your component, test if($char=81) Gilles. ------------------------------ Hortion ...

  • Posted in: Uniface User Forum

    Ciao Simone, I have currently NO answer to your question... probably there is a checkbox somewhere to be ticked/unticked... you should check by yourself into documentation. Gianni ------------------------------ ...

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    RE: GETLIST(V) Bug in OpenQM

    Posted in: Rocket OpenQM

    I believe this issue has been addressed in the latest release of OpenQM. ------------------------------ Justin Orton Owner, Solution Architect Technical Plus LLC kissimmee FL US -------------------- ...

  • Posted in: Rocket OpenQM

    We're leveraging AI already in our openQM environment. We provide EDI managed services and EDI Integration services. To provide help on EDI elements and documents we are using AI to produce help screens. ...

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  • Posted in: Rocket OpenQM

    There is an overhead in starting the phantom process - so when you attempt to split work into two or more processes you're incurring some additional overhead in the starting of the phantom. Starting a ...

  • Posted in: D3 and mvBase

    I just found this and it worked. Not the best solution, but better than spending a bunch of money and time to redeploy AccuTerm. Thanks! update-crypto-policies --set DEFAULT:SHA1 ------------------------------ ...

  • Posted in: Uniface User Forum

    BTW. For MS-SQL possible properties are listed here: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/t-sql/functions/serverproperty-transact-sql And what about such View (for MS-SQL): create view SpecialSysInfo ...

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    RE: Userver log files

    Posted in: Uniface User Forum

    seem to work! thank you jumped into the chm to learn more ------------------------------ Simone Pecchenino Labinf Sistemi Srl IT ------------------------------

  • @L Iveblues It appears that someone has implemented the restricted shell on Linux, I would suggest contacting your systems admininstrator and asking it be removed for you. ------------------------------ ...

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