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  • Posted in: Rocket jBASE

    Thanks Adam. We have no such entry in our sudoers file. ------------------------------ Warren Moriarity IT Manager Rocket Forum Shared Account ------------------------------

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    RE: UOLOGIN Error Message

    David, The UOLOGIN is globally catalogued, however the program is not supplied with UniData as standard only the functionatily to use it. It is a special name for subroutine that when used will interface ...

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    RE: Too many constants?

    Shawn, Can you supply the program so that I can test compile it on our machines internally. Thanks, ------------------------------ Jonathan Smith UniData ATS Rocket Support ------------------ ...

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    RE: UniObjects

    Sergio, I just wanted to make sure you (and others on the forum) understood what is happening in your UniVerse code sample because if the logic was used in a multi-user application it could lead to the ...

  • Shawn, For consistency I never use a ' but rather ". COLOR = "BLUE" ;* preferred method of the " COLOR = 'RED' ;* never used. COLOR = \YELLOW\ ;* never use to assign a variable but ...

  • Good catch !!! First time with this now i can count select etc that is pretty much what i wanted, with the account beign ro you made a happy camper today , thanks a bunch jonathan ------------------------------ ...

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    Posted in: D3 and mvBase

    WATCHLOG logs anything you do using the WATCH command, like WATCH MAXUSERS. Here's from the D3 ref man: When running the watch command a data level is created to the WATCHLOG file in the DM ...

  • Posted in: Uniface User Forum

    Sorry Daniel, It was a Friday evening thing..... All is good I just realised, it creates an empty xml file if the aps does not exist. ------------------------------ Osman Shariff ------------------ ...

  • Thanks very much Juliano for the explanation! ------------------------------ Alan Cavilla Stater N.V. Amersfoort NL ------------------------------

  • On unidata 8.2.1 My objective is to assign a string of characters (xml code) to a variable, and then write said variable as a record on a sequential file. However, I get the following error when attempting ...

  • Upgraded our production system to 7.4 today and when I went to promote code, the production branch in Aldon say *NOT DELTA RELEASE in the text box. How do I resolve this message? ------------------------------ ...

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    @John Isael This is a good level of response to this question to Dimuthu Dissanayake's question. We can overdo the detail for what sounds like a general introductory question. We can continue the discussion ...

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