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    PyObject in uniBASIC

    Hi , Using in-basic python I interface function like var=pyCallFuntion(module,function) how can I define if the var is a uniBASIC Var or a PYOBJECT ? Then, is there a methods from UNI BASIC to perform ...

  • You could use a scraping tool, like IBM HATS, or you could use some of the IBM Java TN3270 classes to talk to the mainframe. Either case would have you making a TN3270 connection from your software. ...

  • Posted in: D3 and mvBase

    Well, Walter, apparently I was wrong ... again! This patch can be applied to your current 10.3.2 system via a T-LOAD. Interested? Or have you already fixed all of your code? ------------------------------ ...

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    RE: UniVerse & .NET 5.0

  • One of the great new features in the latest v10.1.1 release of Rocket Terminal Emulator is support for high availability. Check out the video below to see how easy it is to configure high availability ...

  • Posted in: Rocket iCluster

    Hi Romeo, If you select *ALL *ALL *ALL for everything in a library and there happens to be a journal and its receivers in that library, iCluster does not replicate the journal and its receivers (or need ...

  • Hi Elaine, IMHO, I suppose you have a problem to load your binaries in memory before the TU.DOWNLOAD. If I do this : A = '' FOR I = 0 TO 255 A := CHAR(I) NEXT I ERR='' CALL TU.DOWNLOAD(A,'C:\datas\A.BIN','BO','',ERR) ...

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    RE: universe backup

    Hi Abdus, uvbackup vs. binaries backup 1/ uvbackup perform a read of all record on uv files you provide or discovered from OS (-walk) and send it where you redirect it. This is slower than a OS's binaries ...

  • Got this working based on your post (see https://github.com/wizardofzos/pyrout README for details) had the same issues though,,, ------------------------------ Henri Kuiper Wizard of z/OS Self Registered ...

  • Posted in: Rocket Aldon

    Thank you so much for your quick respond and excellent good news, Have a nice good weekend. ------------------------------ Miguel Garcia - Partner IT Specialist CDS Americas Quito - Pichincha - Ecuador ...

  • This coming Tuesday, Ken Gross (Mainline Information Systems) and I will be sharing insights on how organizations can accelerate digital transformation by choosing tools and development methodologies that ...

  • There are several ways to do it but the simplest could be this: 0001 I 0002 @RECORD<1,1,1>:'*':@RECORD<1,1,3>:'*':@RECORD<1,1,5> 0003 0004 AUDITSTUFF 0005 20L 0006 S ------------------------------ Bill ...

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July 20

Rocket Terminal Emulator v10.1.1 now available

Rocket Terminal Emulator v10.1.1. key improvements include:
  • Improved experience for both system administrators and end users.
  • Enhanced security leveraging IBM Multi-Factor Authentication for IBM Z and Rocket MFA (IBM i Edition). Rocket Terminal Emulator (Desktop Edition) now supports TLS 1.3.
  • Support for high availability.
The complete list of enhancements and related system requirements are in the release notes.

July 13

Rocket Software Extends Its Technology and Global Reach with Agreement to Acquire ASG Technologies

The combination of portfolios will drive a more holistic approach to generating value.

6 weeks ago

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  • IDUG 2021 EMEA Db2 Tech Conference

    Rocket Software is excited to be partnering with IBM, and supporting the IDUG 2021 EMEA Db2 Tech...
  • Open Source Strategy Forum

    Rocket are proud sponsors of the 2021 Open Source Strategy Forum (OSSF). The event brings together...
  • Spanish Db2 User Group Forum

    Rocket Software, a strategic IBM partner, is excited to support the Spain Db2 User Group Meeting...

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