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    RE: EDA Schema Manager freezes

    Mark, You might want to check that file dictionary for items that are either invalid or are not dictionary at all - i.e. screen definitions, report definitions, etc. If so and you do not wish to weed ...

  • Hello Dale Thank you for your quick anwser. Yes I saw these videos last week, I have 2 Test Planning are working very good (Test data for IBM i and Test data form MS SQL) but now I would like to add ...

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    RE: Pool Users

    Hi Darren, Rocket MultiValue Performance Experience (MVX) v1.10 with UniData 8.3.2 offers three events that monitor connection pools: 1) High Connection Pool License Usage 2) Connection pool request ...

  • Posted in: Rocket jBASE

    Hello, everyone! I'm looking for experience passing information between the go language (golang) and jBASE, particularly direct connection examples between scripting languages such as jBC. Thanks! ...

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    RE: Problems with Tomcat9

    The output in the previous message looks like catalina.out. I'd increase the logging to debug org.apache.catalina.level = DEBUG (in logging.properties) stop/start and see what is logged. Seems ...

  • Posted in: Uniface User Forum

    Hi UnifAce Just transfering a few entities frim UF 9 to UF 10 ( On the UF10 side I have to add a few "functional subtypes", so I open the entity and the drag&drop a "subtype entity" to ...

  • Posted in: Uniface User Forum

    Thanks, everyone, for the feedback. I am happy to inform you that we have been working on the points raised, and updates should be available in the next patch. Many thanks, Mike ------------------------------ ...

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    Problems with Tomcat9

    Posted in: Uniface User Forum

    Hi all, We are migrating Uniface from 10.3 to 10.4. After installing of all the Tomcat Webservice is not Running. After start of the service it is active for a while (maybe 30seconds) and then stops ...

  • Hi Debabrata, yes, it is possible to map keys or key combinations to functions in RTE Desktop and RTE Web. Regards, Harald ------------------------------ Harald Braeunlich Senior Product ...

  • Posted in: Uniface User Forum

    I hope the file will be attached now. Was moving from patch 049 to 050 really the only change ? Yes. I had created an archive before I did the patching to 050. I have tried with SLE and ...

  • Posted in: Uniface User Forum

    It was a conversion from v7 directly to v10 bypassing any uniface migrate processes. If you can not get your hands on v8 and v9 then it can easily be done if you are happy to get your hands dirty. ...

  • Posted in: Rocket iCluster

    Hi Satid, Thank you for sharing what you discovered. There is also another value that can impact TCP/IP throughput significantly. This information was captured while observing an IBM TCP/IP technician ...

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