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  • Hi Marco, You are correct that the option to download the entire bundle and run a script that sets up and populates an on-premise file channel for air-gapped systems is now only available to customers ...

  • Hi Jerry Edgington , You may have forgotten to specify the channel: conda search git -c zoss-appdev As another option can add the channel to your .condarc with the following command: conda config --add ...

  • Thank you Mike! This worked perfectly! ------------------------------ Ryan Barrier Rocket Forum Shared Account ------------------------------

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    RE: UniVerse & .NET 5.0

    Hi Koon MIng Fong, Our conclusions are to stay on UV to performs 100% of the server's operations, format the data to json and directly consume by client. We do not add a middel software to operate/transform ...

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    RE: FINDSTR (Unidata)

    Yes! That is precisely what I wanted to do, and I see now that I shouldn't have trusted my DE when it told me this syntax wouldn't work: The warning says 'the input is mis-matched, expecting integer'. ...

  • Thanks Manu. Engineering ticket MVVS-449 logged. ------------------------------ Christian Bristow TSE Rocket Software Inc ------------------------------

  • Thanks Manu, I have forwarded the request to engineering to review. Reference MVVS-448. ------------------------------ Christian Bristow TSE Rocket Software Inc ------------------------------

  • Thanks Manu, being progressed as engineering reference MVVS-447 ------------------------------ Christian Bristow TSE Rocket Software Inc ------------------------------

  • Manu, Good find. I have logged an engineering ticket with reference MVVS-446 Thank you. ------------------------------ Christian Bristow TSE Rocket Software Inc Waltham MA United States ----------- ...

  • hi rocket-mvbasic team, Thank you for your good job. a few trouble I'll share . 1/ if we have multiple include, the outline is badly organized , reflect nodes nested where it's not. 2/ we are ...

  • Thanks Neil! That makes sense. ------------------------------ Mike Bojaczko PROGRAMMER ANALYST United States ------------------------------

  • Anyone have a link to the Hitchhiker's Guide? Thanks ------------------------------ Mike Bojaczko PROGRAMMER ANALYST United Refining Company Warren PA United States ------------------------------

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July 20

Rocket Terminal Emulator v10.1.1 now available

Rocket Terminal Emulator v10.1.1. key improvements include:
  • Improved experience for both system administrators and end users.
  • Enhanced security leveraging IBM Multi-Factor Authentication for IBM Z and Rocket MFA (IBM i Edition). Rocket Terminal Emulator (Desktop Edition) now supports TLS 1.3.
  • Support for high availability.
The complete list of enhancements and related system requirements are in the release notes.

July 13

Rocket Software Extends Its Technology and Global Reach with Agreement to Acquire ASG Technologies

The combination of portfolios will drive a more holistic approach to generating value.

6 weeks ago

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