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Rocket® B2B Supply Chain Integration information exchange solutions help put the right data to the right place at the right time, no matter how wide or technologically diverse your network. Send business information more efficiently, share files and business processes securely, and sync enterprise data inside your business and with partners easily.

To learn how the B2B Supply Chain Integration family can help manage your data, visit the solutions home page.

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  • Yanfeng Automotive Interiors (YFAI) and Rocket Software hosted a virtual session at Siemens Realize Live in June, 2020. During this session, YFAI and Rocket Software presented a joint case study and shared: A roadmap you can use: An overview of YFAI's ...

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  • Hi Kevin, The license you are showing should be the TFE-LDAP1 license, which is enogh to enable the authentication for TFE using LDAP/AD. It's probably simply not correct configured in your system? I will contact you via email to setup a session to review. ...

  • TISAX ® (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) ist ein von der Automobilindustrie definierter Standard für Informationssicherheit. Eine große Zahl von Automobilherstellern und Zulieferern der deutschen Automobilindustrie verlangen ...

  • Hi TRUfusion Enterprise users, Rocket is planning to add a Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) capability for the TRUfusion Enterprise Portal to provide the benefit of additional security to help protect your valuable CAD data which is exchanged via the ...

  • To all new TRUfusione Enterprise customers, please check out this post - it references a very instructive video by our customer Yanfeng. I thought you might like it. ------------------------------ Juergen Diedler Rocket Software ------------ ...


  • TRUfusion Enterprise Virtual User Meeting Dates

    Dates for the diary!

    The dates for the 2021 TRUfusion Enterprise Virtual User Meeting have been set. 

    They are:
    Wednesday 21st April 2021 in German
    Thursday 22nd April 2021 in English

    The topics on the agenda include:
    • TFE Roadmap
    • TFE Release Demonstration
    • TFE Customer Future Roadmap Priorities
    More information to follow.