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Rocket API (Rocket Process Automation/Integration)  

Rocket Process Automation (formerly Rocket API) is the only RPA solution for IBM i and IBM Z that delivers quick, significant ROI. Join the forum to learn more from automation experts or share your success.

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Rocket DevOps (formerly Rocket Aldon)  

Rocket DevOps is a platform designed specifically to enable end-to-end CI/CD for IBM i+ environments. Businesses can build the structure and flexibility they need to extend holistic DevSecOps best practices to the IBM i, while enabling their teams to adapt to any change in process or technology. Whether you're an IBM i professional or a DevOps leader, the forum helps you create a responsive, modern and integrated CI/CD process.

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Rocket iCluster  

Join the conversation about Rocket iCluster, the cost-effective high availability and disaster recovery solution for IBM i.

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Rocket Modern Experience (formerly Rocket LegaSuite)  

Build modern, intuitive user interfaces and workflows for host applications that improve productivity and enhance the user experience.

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Rocket Terminal Emulator  

The single tool for driving organizational efficiency and enhancing host system access on on IBM i, zSystems and VT-based systems. Formerly Rocket BlueZone, Rocket Terminal Emulator offers a variety of built-in tools assuring easy upgrades from other Rocket emulators as well as the most widely used competitive toolsets.

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RocketCE for Power  

RocketCE is set of Cognitive Environment (CE) binaries built and supported for IBM Power architecture.
This is a place where you can ask questions about RocketCE frameworks and components and get answers from other industry professionals like yourself, as well as members of the Rocket and IBM teams.

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