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The Rocket Aldon® forum is designed to help DevOps pros leverage the Aldon feature set to do their jobs better, faster, securely and efficiently. Explore how to automate everything from the moment a business request comes in until an application is delivered to production, with full audit tracking and compliance reporting. 

Ask a question, share your successes or learn about what's new and what's next along with your fellow users and Rocketeers from across our organization. 

Your customers and employees demand high-quality digital experiences. Meet their expectations by deploying applications in complex, multi-platform production environments — quickly, confidently, and securely. For more information about Aldon visit the product page.

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    I am often asked by customers about the most recent addition to the Rocket Aldon suite of products, the Rocket Ops Portal. I have tried to provide a brief overview below of the most asked questions, but if you have any others, just let me know! The Rocket ...

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    Q: What type of security exists for Git that prevents developers to copy code to personal git repositories? A: Standard LMi / LMe security and authority values remain the same, which a uthorise users to the functions they are ...

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    It happens... A Laptop 'goes south' and disk and/or data are unable to be recovered. Or a co-worker wins the lottery and moves on to greener pastures... In any case, some development effort may have been lost if work was being saved locally (versus committed/pushed ...

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    Have you ever wished that you could "branch off" the IBM i development work you are doing for a long-running project. Wouldn't it be great if you could create your own space where you can work on your code changes in isolation from the day-to-day changes? ...

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    GIT on IBMi

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    A key component of many organizations' DevOps solution, Git is admired among the developer community for its combination of intuitiveness, speed, and robustness. Indeed, a Stack Overflow survey of nearly 70,000 professional developers found that just ...

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    Hi Ashish, Rocket Aldon is an important part of our IBM i portfolio. Learning more about the products we offer is never a bad thing. :) Either way, we would be happy to have you join us! Or, if you can't make the live webinar, the recording will be available ...

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    Ever need a user exit or break-point in your development life cycle workflow? Before promoting a change? Or doing after a check out? When LMi is installed, 5 libraries are restored, and 1 of them is the ACMSUSER library. This library is full of sample ...

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  • Community Manager 11.6.12 Release Announcement

    The 11.6.12 release is a minor update with a focus on supporting the Microsoft Office 365 OAuth 2.0 authorization framework.

    Highlights of this release include:

    Microsoft 365 OAuth 2.0

    • Microsoft will end support for Basic Authentication in the second half of 2021, forcing users and applications that integrate with it to use Modern Authentication. Community Manager now supports OAuth 2.0, enabling customers to transition to a supported authentication framework and continue to work with Microsoft’s Exchange Online service.



    • New issues can now be saved without generating a 502 bad gateway error. This previously occurred when the user is a member of multiple workspaces with different address books
    • A new Help topic has been added about disabling pop-up blockers in Google’s Chrome browser


    The full release notes can be found here: