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Rocket® UniVerse, a component of the MultiValue application platform, is a fast, flexible data server for developing enterprise apps. Its variable length, table-within-table architecture means speedy data access and low maintenance with user interfaces for Windows®, Linux, and UNIX. Deployable to the cloud or on-premises, thousands of customers globally depend on UniVerse to run their businesses.

Additional information can be found on the Rocket UniVerse home page.

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    Hi Ryan. You are correct that the 12.1.1 release of UniVerse implements a centralized System Buffer which is used to control file I/O operations. The System Buffer does contain an entry for each UniVerse file that is open. One of the fields is a reference ...

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    Thanks to everyone that participated in the discussion. It's great to see members contribute with feedback, offer tips and that there is a resolution planned for future release. ------------------------------ Charles Dane Rocket Software ---------- ...

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    Despite being a version behind 12, UniVerse 11.3.2 is still a feature-rich platform with plenty of enhancements. Earlier in the year, myself and members of the UniVerse team hosted a webinar about this version of the application server. In the " Rocket ...

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    Rocket UniVerse 12, a Rocket Multivalue Application Server, has been rearchitected to provide the ability to better handle heavy workloads and improve data integrity, reliability, and accessibility. The new Recoverable File System (RFS), along with replication, ...

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    Emergency responders face daunting challenges with each day, especially in light of recent events. While EMTs, fire fighters, police officers and even utility workers present the public face of first responders, all are assisted by support and dispatch ...

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    Manu, Thanks for the great post and the detail, this is exactly the type of exchange of information I hoped for with my initial post. ------------------------------ Michael Rajkowski Rocket Software ------------------------------

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    The REVISE * automated data entry* system. Indexing Fields: … UniVerse Basic : UniVerse’s programming language. The Build Cycle: … Thanks! actually I wanted to know … and this article has helped me in understanding this. Keep Writing!!

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    Rooms to Go is an independent furniture retailer, and the largest in the United States. Starting with just three showrooms in 1991, they have grown into an industry powerhouse with more than $2B in annual revenue. As the company matured, so did their ...

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    Recently, the Rocket MultiValue team announced general availability of UniVerse 11.3.2. This release includes important updates, new features and some customer-requested fixes and is available on all platforms, including Solaris and HP/UX. To view the ...

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    Steve, Welcome back to the Rocket UniVerse ( pun intended ). Once you have downloaded the Personal Edition you should be able to extract the files from the zip file, and run the installer. For full information on installing, please see: ...



    External Database Access (EDA) enables you to convert data stored in Rocket UniVerse and UniData databases to a first normal form (1NF) database, such as Microsoft SQL Server, then access that data using existing UniVerse BASIC programs, RetrieVe, or UniData/UniVerse SQL. For the UniVerse I-type fields, they can be mapped in many ways to SQL Server. This post will expand the mapping section of the External Database Access manual.

    Have you seen the UniVerse samples and examples on Git? Get all the details in this blog post.

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  • Earlier in the year, Cheng Jiang, one of Rocket's software engineers on the MultiValue team, shared some insight into OpenSSL and this new Transport Layer Security protocol inclusion in UniVerse 11.3.2. To learn more about the new Open SSL library, improved ...